Title Author Year Price  
Aadivasi: Sabhayta evam Sanskriti (Hindi) Tripathi, Madhavi 2016 Rs 1100.75
Abortion in India: Facts and Realities Sarkar, Deepa 2012 Rs 701.25
Aesthetics of Protest: A Study of the works of Mahasweta Devi Singh, Satpal 2016 Rs 722.50
BhaktiKalin Kavay mein Samkalinta (HIndi) Sanchyita 2016 Rs 845.75
Braille Lipi: How to Understand Gupta, Poonam 2016 Rs 675.75
Breaking the Shackles: The New Woman in Contemporary Literature Mehrotra, Charu 2015 Rs 1062.50
Charting New Approaches in Indian English Fiction Banerjee, Saikat 2016 Rs 1041.25
Communication for Management Sinha, Mosam 2015 Rs 845.75
Communicative English and ELT Kumar, Satendra 2016 Rs 998.75
Critical Essays on Dalit Literature Kumar, Satendra 2016 Rs 1270.75
Critical Pedagogy: Papers in ELT Nehal, ┬áRaashid 2016 Rs 1062.50
Critical Study of Salman Rushdie`s Midnights Children Agarwalla, Shyam S 2016 Rs 467.50
Dalit Consciousness in Indian English Fiction Singh, P K 2016 Rs 701.25
Diaspora in Fiction: Many Hues Many Shadesali Ali, Farzana S 2016 Rs 977.50
Diasporic Sensinlity: Critical Essays on Indian Diasporic Literature Kumar, V Vinod 2015 Rs 930.75
Discursive Passages: An Anthology of Diaspora Criticism Vol 2 Kumar, Bishun & Ajay K Chaubey 2016 Rs 998.75
E- management and Internet Ahmed, Faiz 2016 Rs 956.25
Encyclopaedia of Feminism in 4 Vols Jain, Ishita 2015 Rs 6375.00
Encyclopaedia of World Intelligence Agencies in 4 Vols Gaur, Sanjay 2015 Rs 5100.00
English Literature: Opening up the New Sphere Vidyalalankar, Manoj K 2016 Rs 1232.50
Exploring Caste: Study of Contemporary Indian Vovels Vaidya, Priyanka 2016 Rs 637.50
Exploring Folk Literature Kumar, Manoj 2016 Rs 701.25
Gandhi: Relevance Redefined Shukla, Rajesh 2015 Rs 1062.50
How to Get Ph D Kumar, Satendra 2016 Rs 722.50
Human Resource Accounting: Concept Objectives and Practical Approaches Jain, Preeti & Harbaksh Moolchandani 2016 Rs 765.00
Indian Army: Doctrine Concept and Strategy Kumar, Satendra 2015 Rs 1100.75
Indian English Literature: Paradigms and Praxis Srivastava, Sonal 2016 Rs 1041.25
Indian Literature in Translation Singh, R P 2016 Rs 1355.75
Indian Writing in English: A Kaleidoscope of Recent Criticism Sharma, Ajay Kumar 2016 Rs 1185.75
Integrating Technology and Culture: Strategies and Innovations in ELT Rahman, Md Mojibur 2016 Rs 1355.75
Introducing Digital Humanities Rahaman, Valiur 2016 Rs 743.75
Issues in Canadian Literature Singh, Alka 2016 Rs 616.25
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