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Advances in Scientific Interventions to Enhance Bovine Production Ahlawat, A R et al 2016 Rs 1444.15
Behavioural Imbalances of Swimmers Kumar, Rajesh 2016 Rs 424.15
Bioinformatics Barcoding and Benefit Sharing in Biodiversity Muthuchelian, K 2016 Rs 2464.15
Bionanosciences Muthuchelian, K 2015 Rs 2209.15
Bioremediation of Industrial Pollutants Bharagava, Ram Naresh & Gaurav Saxena 2016 Rs 2039.15
Botany in Vedas Mishra, Prashat Kumar 2016 Rs 509.15
Citriculture Prasad, V M & S Singh 2016 Rs 1614.15
Communication and Journalism: Two Faces of the Same Coin Kumari, Arunima 2016 Rs 934.15
Customer Relationship Management in Selected Service Sector Organisations Ponduri, Suresh Babu 2015 Rs 1104.15
Design and Development of Web Portal Ravichandran, P & S Dhanavandan 2016 Rs 594.15
Different Aspects of Personality of Children with Special Needs Kavita & Savita 2016 Rs 594.15
Dugadh tatha Dugadh Utpad: Sansadhan evam Gunvakta Niyantaran (PB) Sharma, Ramakant 2016 Rs 637.50
Encyclopaedia of Fruit Flies Saha, Tamoghna et al 2016 Rs 4589.15
Environmental Stress and its Remedies Sharma, Dushyant Kumar & Raj Kumar Mahor 2015 Rs 1445.00
Forest Ecosystem: Biodiversity Ecology and Conservation Sujana, K A et al 2016 Rs 1444.15
Guide to Baking Process Radhakrishnan, Sarvepalli 2016 Rs 934.15
Handbook on Analysis of Milk Products: Chemical and Microbiological Srivastava, M K 2016 Rs 2549.15
Himalayan Orchid: Distribution and Taxonomy Singh, Bikarma 2015 Rs 1359.15
Innovative Biotic Stress Management Strategies Chattopadhyay, C et al 2016 Rs 1444.15
Journey Within Das, Bedasruti 2016 Rs 340.00
Kuch Geet Kuch Sapane Kuch Pyar Bhare Kuch Apne (Hindi) Bhatia, Geeta 2016 Rs 509.15
Livestcok Production Under Diverse Constraints: Indian Experience in its Management Sastry, N S R 2016 Rs 1274.15
Livestock Production Under Diverse Constr Sastry, N S R 2016 Rs 2974.15
Managing Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) as an economic Resource Tewari, D D 2015 Rs 934.15
Mango: production and protection from Fruit Flies Khan, Mujeebur Rahman et al 2016 Rs 1699.15
MCQs in Cell and Molecular Biology Anandakumar, P 2015 Rs 1275.00
MCQs in Cell and Molecular Biology(PB) Anandakumar, P 2015 Rs 339.15
Micro Finance: Group Based Working Ahlawat, Surender 2015 Rs 509.15
Monograph on Acacia Holosericea Anbazhagan, M & P Shanmughavel 2015 Rs 679.15
Natural Biotic Management: Insect Disease and Weeds Kushwaha, Alka & D Prasad 2016 Rs 2039.15
Natural Products: Recent Advances Chauhan, Ashok K et al eds 2015 Rs 2124.15
Online Public Access Catalogue : ┬áConcepts and Analysis Dhanavadan, S & A Isabella Mary 2015 Rs 1019.15
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