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Annual Plant Reviews Vol 33: Intracellular Signaling in Plants Yang, Zhenbiao 2015 Rs 3310.75
Communication for Rural Innovation: Rethinking Agricultural Extension 3rd ed Leeuwis, Cees 2015 Rs 3310.75
Crop Postharvest Science and Technology Vol 1: Principles and Practice Golob, Peter et al eds 2015 Rs 3395.75
Crop Postharvest Science and Technology Vol 2: Durables Case Studies in the Handling and Storage Hodges, Rick & Graham Farrell ,Cobb, John B & Christopher Ives eds 2015 Rs 2885.75
Crop Production: Evolution History and Technology Smith, C Wayne 2015 Rs 3565.75
Cycles of Soil 2nd edn: Carbon Nitrogen Phosphorus Sulfur Micronutrients Stevenson, F J & M A Cole 2015 Rs 3310.75
Fish Reproductive Biology: Implications for Assessment and Management (PB) Jakobsen, Tore et al 2015 Rs 1147.50
Freshwater Fisheries Management 2nd edn Templeton, Robin 2015 Rs 2800.75
HACCP Mortimore, Sara & Wallace, Carol 2014 Rs 2545.75
Insect Pests of Farm Garden and Orchard 8th ed Davidson, Ralph H & William F Lyon 2015 Rs 3650.75
Introduction to Plant Physiology 4th edn (PB) Hopkins, William G & Norman P A Huner 2015 Rs 2120.75
Outlines of Biochemistry 5th edn (PB) Conn, Eric E. et al 2016 Rs 590.75
Physiology and Behaviour of Plants Peter, Scott 2014 Rs 1071.00
Principles of Forest Pathology (PB) Tainter, F H & F A Baker 2014 Rs 505.75
Principles of Gene Manipulation and Genomics 7th edn Primrose, S B & R M Twyman 2014 Rs 2528.75
Seafood Industry: Species Products Processing and Safety 2nd edn Granata, Linda Ankenman et al 2016 Rs 5095.75
Tropical Fruits 2nd ed Samson, J A 2015 Rs 2970.75
Vegetable Diseases and their Control 2nd ed Sherf, Arden F & Alan A Macnab 2015 Rs 3820.75
Veterinary Laboratory Medicine 2nd ed: Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology Kerr, Morag G 2015 Rs 3225.75
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