Title Author Year Price  
Advances in Horticulture Biotechnology Vol 7: Diagnostics for Horticulture Crops Singh, H P et al eds 2013 Rs 2125.00
Bhagwani aur Mulya Vardhan Choudhary, M L & K V Prasad 2016 Rs 637.50
Biological Pest Supperssion 2nd Revised and Enlarged edn Gautam, R D 2008 Rs 1020.00
Challenges of Climate Change: Indian Horticulture Singh, H P et al 2010 Rs 675.75
Cultivating Organic ┬áVegetables: Package of Practices Dass, Harcharan et al 2015 Rs 1530.00
Decoding Codex Alimentarius: A Step by Step Guide to Understand the Role and Working of Codex Alimentarius Commission Kotwal, Vinod 2016 Rs 1700.00
Development Trends in Urban and Peri- Urban Agriculture Deshpande, R S et al 2015 Rs 1530.00
Environment At A Glance Kaur, Saranjeet 2015 Rs 510.00
Exotic Vegetables Kohli, U K et al 2010 Rs 510.00
Experiments in Soil Biology and Biochemistry Chhonkar, P K et al 2007 Rs 680.00
Fal evam Sabji Parirakshan (Fruit and Vegetable Preservation) Singh, Indrasen & Gaurakh Singh 2010 Rs 510.00
Fighting Pesticide Resistance in Anthropods Mohan, M et al 2015 Rs 1275.00
Food Expectations of the People in the New Millennium: The Basics of Human Civilisation Food Agriculture and Humanity Vol 5 Nath, Prem & P B Gaddagimath eds 2016 Rs 3060.00
Food Nutrition and Diet Therapy Raghuvanshi, Rita Singh & Monika Mittal 2014 Rs 1105.00
Fruit Crops Production Handling and Processing Singh, I S & Vinod Singh 2015 Rs 2040.00
Horticulture for Inclusive Growth 3 Vols Set Chadha, K L et al 2016 Rs 6375.00
Indigenous Leadership and Tribal Development Panangatt, Varghese 0 Rs 1275.00
Introduction To Turfgrasses Janakiram, T & Namita , Ritu Jain 2015 Rs 680.00
Kinetics of Biochemical Ligands Chopra, Haritma 2016 Rs 1020.00
Manual on Soil Plant and Water Analysis Singh, Dhyan et al 2015 Rs 765.00
Manual on Soil Plant and Water Analysis (PB) Singh, Dhyan et al 2005 Rs 297.50
Outlines of Food Microbiology Reddy, T Krishna Kumar & A R Alagawadi 2011 Rs 382.50
Phytophthora Diseases of Plantation Crops Mathew, Jacob et al 2015 Rs 1700.00
Postharvest Handling and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables Singh, I S 2014 Rs 306.00
Postharvest Handling and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables Singh, I S 2009 Rs 1020.00
Production Handling and Processing of Commercial Vegetable Crops Singh, I S & Sanjeev Kumar 2014 Rs 1530.00
Rose: A Production Manual Singh, Gorakh 2011 Rs 212.50
Seed Technology: A Practical Approach Sharma, J K 2014 Rs 595.00
Turmeric: Production and Utilisation Singh, H P et al 2011 Rs 935.00
Writing Climate Change Neelima, B N 2016 Rs 680.00
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