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Title Author Year Price  
Farmers Training Entrepreneurship Manual Luyayi, Fransis et al 2017 Rs 637.50
Farming Marine Fishes and Shrimps Korringa, P 2017 Rs 2082.50
Forest Fires and Their Control Artsybashev, E S 2017 Rs 1402.50
Guide to Extension Training Oakley, P & C Garforth 2018 Rs 1062.50
Handbook on Pressurized Irrigation Techniques 2nd ed Phocaides, A 2017 Rs 1232.50
Marine Fishes: Chemical Composition and Processing Properties Bykov, V P 2017 Rs 2252.50
Processing Tropical Crops: A Technological Approach Asiedu, J J 2017 Rs 2252.50
Soil Chemical Analysis: Advanced Course A Manual of Methods useful for Instruction and Research in Soil Chemistry Physical Chemistry of Soils Soil Fertility and Soil Genesis (PB) Jackson, M L 2017 Rs 977.50
Testing of Agriculture Technological Processes: A Systems Approach Kardashevskii, S V et al 2017 Rs 2082.50
Training Manual for Organic Ariculture Scialabba, Nadia 2017 Rs 1232.50
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