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Title Author Year Price  
Art of Teaching Venu, V Parimala 2017 Rs 807.50
Changing Perspectives in Teacher Education Rao, Nimma Venkata 2016 Rs 1275.00
Child Labour in India: Perceptions and Problems Koti, John 2018 Rs 765.00
Creative Thinking Satyavani, K 2018 Rs 807.50
Current Trends in Educational Innovation and Management Rao, B S Vasudeva & K Ganeswara Rao 2017 Rs 977.50
English Essay: An Illustrative Study Venu, V Parimala 2017 Rs 637.50
English Grammar and Communication Skills for Technocrats Venu, V Parimala 2016 Rs 637.50
Gender Awareness and Gender Audit Kumari, B Ratna & K Mary Sujatha 2016 Rs 977.50
Gender Mainstreaming Kumari, B Ratna 2017 Rs 1606.50
Ideas and Values for Young: Letters to A Granddaughter Chalam, K S 2017 Rs 165.75
Inclusive Education: Role and Relevance Rao, Nimma Venkata 2017 Rs 765.00
Increasing: Violence in the Society Rao, Gazula Mallikharjuna 2019 Rs 845.75
Innovations in Teacher Education Rao, Nimma Venkata 2017 Rs 1062.50
Karma Yoga: Wisdom and Education Venu, V Parimala 2017 Rs 892.50
Leadership Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction Shyji, P D 2017 Rs 1062.50
Legal Regime of Intellectual Property Rights in India Rao, K Madhusudhana 2017 Rs 1530.00
Madhurima: A Collection of Poems and Quotes Murty, M R K 2016 Rs 255.00
Maritime History of Ancient Andhra Rao, Bhavaraju Venkata Krishna 2017 Rs 510.00
Menstrual Hygiene Among Adolescent Tribal Girls Kumari, B Ratna & K Mary Sujatha 2016 Rs 637.50
MGNREGS: A Programme for Holistic Rural Development Rao, Hanumanthu Lakshmana & K Visweswara Rao 2018 Rs 1062.50
Performance of Primary School Teachers Jacob, Veeli Christian 2017 Rs 977.50
Secrets of Success in Names Sharma, P S & Raajitha Rachuri 2018 Rs 637.50
Teaching English Through Technology Venu, V Parimala 2016 Rs 637.50
Training of Trainers in National Service Scheme Rao, P Ramachandra & R D Sampath Kumar 2019 Rs 977.50
Transformation of Marginalised Communities and Inclusive Growth Gupta, P Viswanadha & Vilas Adhav 2017 Rs 977.50
Tribal Migrant Workers: A Sociological Perspective Das, Ragala Swami & R D Sampath Kumar 2016 Rs 892.50
Vulnerability and Integration of Gender Dimensions in Hudhud Cyclone Disaster Management Kumari, B Ratna 2016 Rs 637.50
Women Empowerment Through Self Help Groups Pushpalatha, G & K Visweswara Rao 2017 Rs 1062.50
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