Student Edition

Title Author Year Price  
Biodiversity: Principles and Conservation (PB) Kumar, U & Mahendra Jeet Asija 2015 Rs 212.50
Biotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications 4th edn (PB) Purohit, S S 2018 Rs 637.50
Cell Biology: Fundamentals and Applications (PB) Gupta, M L & M L Jangir 2015 Rs 552.50
Dairy Microbiology (PB) Parihar & Parihar 2013 Rs 340.00
Jaivprodhyogiki: Siddhant evam Upyogitayen 3rd edn (Biotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications) (PB) Purohit, S S & Shivangi Mathur 2018 Rs 425.00
Modern Plant Pathology 2nd edn (PB) Dube, H C 2016 Rs 425.00
Sukshamjiv Vigyan: Siddhant evam Upyogitayen (Microbiology:Fundamentals and Applications) 3rd edn (PB) Purohit, S S & P P Dev 2016 Rs 255.00
Textbook of Fungi Bacteria and Viruses (PB) Dube, H C 2015 Rs 233.75
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