Title Author Year Price  
Animal Psychology Haan, J A Bierens De 2004 Rs 340.00
Breeding Crop Plants Hayes, H K & R J Garber 2005 Rs 1020.00
Different Forms of Plants and Flowers Darwin, Charles 2009 Rs 1062.50
Elements of Structural and Systematic Botany Campbell, D H 2008 Rs 637.50
Farm Management in 2 Vols Adams, R L 2006 Rs 2550.00
Fossil Plants Stopes, Marie C 2004 Rs 425.00
Geographical History of the World Wallis, B C 2006 Rs 807.50
Green Manuring: Principles and Practice Pieters, Adrian J 2006 Rs 765.00
Handbook of Fungi Swanton, E W 2005 Rs 680.00
Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Use of Cure in 2 Vols Fernie, W T 2009 Rs 2125.00
History of Ancient Civilization Seignobos, Charles 2009 Rs 765.00
Illustrated Wildlife Boulenger, E G 2004 Rs 1870.00
Indian Grasses Rangachari, Rai Bahadur K 2009 Rs 1062.50
Indian Plants and Drugs: With Their Medical Properties and Uses Nadkarni, K M 2006 Rs 977.50
Insectivorous Plants Darwin, Charles 2010 Rs 1487.50
Insects: Our Fields Forests Gardens and Houses Packard, A S 2009 Rs 807.50
Introduction to Biology Lloyd, R E 2005 Rs 637.50
Manual of Gardening Bailey, L H 2009 Rs 1657.50
Pharmacographia Indica: A History of the Principal Drugs of Vegetable Origin in 3 Vols Dymock, William et al 2005 Rs 4335.00
Production of Field Crops: A Textbook of Agronomy Wolfe, T K & M S Kipps 2004 Rs 1232.50
Quantitative Analysis for Agriculture Science Mahin, Edward G & Ralph H Carr 2006 Rs 765.00
Textbook of Botany in 2 Vols Vines, Sydney H 2005 Rs 1870.00
Textbook of Geography Andrews, A H 2006 Rs 1402.50
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