Sri Satguru

Title Author Year Price  
Advaitasiddhi of Madhusudan Saraswati Jha, Ganganath 1990 Rs 425.00
Antal and Her Path of Love: Poems of a Women Saint from South India Dehejia, Vidya 1992 Rs 340.00
Anticancer Herbal Drugs of India: With Special Reference toAyurveda Pandey, Gyanendra 2002 Rs 255.00
Encountering the Goddess: Translation of the Devi Mahatmya and its Interpretation Coburn, Thomas B 1991 Rs 340.00
Himalayan Buddhism: Past and Present Ahir, D C 1993 Rs 425.00
Natyasastra of Bharatamuni A Board of Scholars 2000 Rs 680.00
Perfection of Wisdom in Eight Thousand Lines and Its Verse Summary Conze, Edward 1994 Rs 425.00
Salient Features of Ayurveda Jalukar, S D 2003 Rs 255.00
Sri Chakra Rao, S K Ramachandra 1989 Rs 170.00
Uttara Tantra: A Treatise on Buddha Nature A Commentary on the Uttara Tantra Sastra of Asanga Rinpoche, Tharangu et al 1994 Rs 255.00
Vac: The Concepts of the Word in Selected Hindu Tantras Padoux, Andre & Jacques Gontier 1992 Rs 510.00
Vedic Origins of Karma: Cosmos as Man in Ancient Indian Mythand Ritual Tull, Herman W 1990 Rs 255.00
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