Title Author Year Price  
Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers:Asymptotic Methods and Perturbation Theory Bender, Carl M & Steven A Orszag 1999 EUR 89.24
Advances in Food Process Engineering Research and Applications Yanniotis, Stavros et al 2015 EUR 144.49
Agricultural Medicine: A Practical Guide Lessenger, James E ed 2006 EUR 56.94
Agroecology Martin, Konrad & Joachim Sauerborn 2013 EUR 59.46
Air Ice Ocean Interaction: Turbulent Ocean Boundary Layer Exzchange Processes McPhee, Miles 2008 EUR 101.99
Applied Manure and Nutrient Chemistry for Sustainabe Agriculture and Environment He, Zhongqi & Hailin Zhang 2015 EUR 127.49
Atlas of Woody Plant Stems: Evolution, Structure and Environmental Modifications Schweingruber, F H et al 2008 EUR 84.99
Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease: A Field and Laboratory Manual with CD/FAO Capua, Ilaria & Dennia J Alexander eds 2009 EUR 67.96
Bacteria in Agrobiology: Crop Productivity Maheshwari, Dinesh K et al 2013 EUR 127.49
Bacteria in Agrobiology: Disease Management Maheshwari, Dinesh K ed 2013 EUR 127.46
Bacterial Cell Surfaces: Methods and Protocols Delcour, Anne H ed 2013 EUR 123.24
Basic Conepts in Physics: From the Cosmos to Quarks Chaichian, Masud et al 2014 EUR 38.21
Biocommunication of Animals Witzany, Guenther ed 2014 EUR 118.99
Bioinformatics for Systems Biology Krawetz, Stephen 2009 EUR 110.49
Bioinformatics: An Introduction 3rd ed Ramsden, Jeremy 2015 EUR 50.99
Biological Low Voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy Schatten, Heide & James Pawley Ed 2009 EUR 110.46
Biology and Ecology of the Brown Sea Trout Bagliniere, Jean Luc & Gerard Maisse 1999 EUR 93.46
Bioorganic Chemistry: Deoxysugars Polyketides and Related Classes Rohr, J ed 2000 EUR 67.99
Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry Vol 57: Plant Metabolomics Saito, K et al 2006 EUR 223.55
Biotechnology of Neglected and Underutilized Crops Jain, Shri Mohan & S Dutta Gupta 2015 EUR 203.15
Brief History of String Theory: From Dual Models to M Theory Rickles, Dean 2014 EUR 33.99
Characterisation and Authentication of Olive and Other Vegetable Oils: New Analytical Methods Jesus, Maria & Lerma Garcia 2012 EUR 118.96
Communication Networks for Smart Grids: Making Smart Grid Real Budka, Kenneth C et al 2014 EUR 50.99
Conservation of Wood Artifacts: A Handbook Unger, A et al 2001 EUR 322.15
Contaminated Sediments Kassim, T A et al 2009 EUR 144.49
Corporate Governance: An International Perspective Idowu, Samuel O & Kiymet Tunca 2014 EUR 63.74
Coryphantha: Cacti of Mexico and Southern USA Dicht, R F & A D Luthy 2003 EUR 97.71
Crop Improvement Under Adverse Conditions Tuteja, Narendra & Sarvajeet Singh Gill 2015 EUR 186.15
Current Developments in Bioerosion Wisshak, Max & Leif Tapanila ed 2008 EUR 133.65
Detection and Diagnostics of Plant Pathogens Gullino, Maria Lodovica & Peter J M Bonants 2015 EUR 118.99
Digital Fourier Analysis: Advanced Techniques (PB) Kido, Keniti 2015 EUR 42.49
Ecosystem Function in Heterogeneous Landscapes Lovett, Gary M et al 2005 EUR 56.91
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