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Advanced Dairy Chemistry Vol 1A: Proteins Basic Aspects 4th edn McSweeney, Paul L H & P F Fox eds 2013 EUR 169.99
Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers: Asymptotic Methods and Perturbation Theory (PB) Bender, Carl M & Steven A Orszag 1999 EUR 89.24
Advances in Food Process Engineering Research and Applications Yanniotis, Stavros et al 2015 EUR 144.49
Agroecology Martin, Konrad & Joachim Sauerborn 2013 EUR 59.46
Air Ice Ocean Interaction: Turbulent Ocean Boundary Layer Exchange Processes McPhee, Miles 2008 EUR 140.24
Applied Manure and Nutrient Chemistry for Sustainabe Agriculture and Environment He, Zhongqi & Hailin Zhang 2015 EUR 157.24
Atlas of Woody Plant Stems: Evolution, Structure and Environmental Modifications Schweingruber, F H et al 2008 EUR 84.99
Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease: A Field and Laboratory Manual with CD/FAO Capua, Ilaria & Dennia J Alexander eds 2009 EUR 93.49
Bacteria in Agrobiology: Crop Productivity Maheshwari, Dinesh K et al 2013 EUR 157.24
Bacteria in Agrobiology: Disease Management Maheshwari, Dinesh K ed 2013 EUR 177.65
Bacterial Cell Surfaces: Methods and Protocols Delcour, Anne H ed 2013 EUR 123.24
Biocommunication of Animals Witzany, Guenther ed 2014 EUR 140.24
Bioinformatics for Systems Biology Krawetz, Stephen 2009 EUR 157.24
Biological Low Voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy Schatten, Heide & James Pawley Ed 2009 EUR 170.00
Biology and Ecology of the Brown Sea Trout Bagliniere, Jean Luc & Gerard Maisse 1999 EUR 170.00
Bioorganic Chemistry: Deoxysugars Polyketides and Related Classes (PB) Rohr, J ed 2000 EUR 80.74
Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry Vol 57: Plant Metabolomics Saito, K et al 2006 EUR 271.15
Biotechnology of Neglected and Underutilized Crops Jain, Shri Mohan & S Dutta Gupta 2015 EUR 203.15
Conservation of Wood Artifacts: A Handbook Unger, A et al 2001 EUR 322.15
Contaminated Sediments Kassim, T A et al 2009 EUR 169.99
Coryphantha: Cacti of Mexico and Southern USA Dicht, R F & A D Luthy 2003 EUR 157.24
Crop Improvement Under Adverse Conditions Tuteja, Narendra & Sarvajeet Singh Gill 2015 EUR 186.15
Current Developments in Bioerosion Wisshak, Max & Leif Tapanila ed 2008 EUR 245.65
Ecosystem Function in Heterogeneous Landscapes (PB) Lovett, Gary M et al 2005 EUR 93.49
Encyclopaedia of Entomology 2nd edn in 4 Vols Capinera, John ed 2008 EUR 446.25
Encyclopaedia of Genetics Genomics Proteomics and Informatics 3rd edn in 2 Vols Redei, George P 2008 EUR 679.15
Encyclopaedia of Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism David, Gubbins, David & Emilio Herrero Bervera 2007 EUR 339.15
Encyclopaedia of Parasitology in 2 Vols 3rd edn Mehlhorn, Heinz ed 2008 EUR 594.15
Encyclopaedia of Soil Science Chesworth, Ward ed 2008 EUR 339.15
Encyclopedic Dictionary of General and Applied Entomology Dhooria, M S 2009 EUR 194.65
Ethylene Action in Plants Khan, Nafees A ed 2006 EUR 170.00
Faunal Heritage of Rajasthan India: General Background and Ecology Vol 1 Sharma, B K et al 2013 EUR 203.15
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