Society of Biosciences

Title Author Year Price  
Chemistry and Biology of Herbal Medicine Agrawal, V P & V P Kamboj 1997 Rs 416.50
Complex Carbohydrates and Advances in Biosciences Agrawal, V P 0 Rs 510.00
Conservation of Biodiversity Agrawal, V P & S K Gupta 2000 Rs 255.00
Environment and Applied Biology Agrawal, V P et al eds 1994 Rs 293.25
Environment and Health Agrawal, V P & S V S Rana 1999 Rs 255.00
Role of Bioscience in New Millennium Agrawal, V P & S V S Chauhan 2002 Rs 255.00
Role of Biosciences in New Millennium Agrawal, V P ¬†et al 0 Rs 212.50
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