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Cognitive Science and Pedagogy Biswas, N B 2016 Rs 680.00
Doctrines of Great Educators Thakur, A S 2016 Rs 760.75
Elementary English Teaching: A Source Book for Teacher Educators Sinha, A K 2016 Rs 637.50
From Dark Dungeons to Dazzling Dawn: A Life Long Struggle with the Church Hierarchy (An Autobiography) Vellamthadathil, Rev. Abraham 2016 Rs 845.75
Indian Education in Times of Global Change Rajput, J S 2016 Rs 845.75
Journey of Faith: Maulana Abdul Majid Daryabadi Wasey, Akhtarul 2016 Rs 680.00
Knowledge Transfer for Quality Education Roy, Rajarshi 2016 Rs 1020.00
Learning and Teaching:A Constructivist Approach Husain, Noushad 2016 Rs 1147.50
Momin Movement and Ansari Community: A Saga of Struggle and Sacrifice during India's Freedom Movement Arfi, Khurshid Anwar 2016 Rs 552.50
Muslim Women in Political Process in India Banu, Zenab 2016 Rs 680.00
Open Universities: Modern Educational Innovations Satyanarayana, P et al 2016 Rs 760.75
Predicates and their Arguments: A Comparative Study of the Application of Theta Theory Urdu Hindi and English Fatma, Shamim 2016 Rs 467.50
Re Envisaging West Asia: Looking beyond the Arab Uprisings Singh, Priya 2016 Rs 845.75
Socio Philosophical Perspectives of Education Aggarwal, J C 2016 Rs 722.50
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