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Developmental Issues of Tribes Bhowmik, Debesh 2018 Rs 663.00
Economic Growth Inflation Savings and Investment: An Analysis Bhardwaj, Aparna 2017 Rs 892.50
Education Health and Gender Equality: Issues and Concerns Sweta 2018 Rs 1105.00
Health Insurance Marketing: Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Azees, P Abdul & B Vijayachandran Pillai 2018 Rs 1062.50
Indian Economy: Pace and Pattern of Development Kumar, Purushottam 2018 Rs 765.00
Monetary and Fiscal Issues in Development Process Singh, Raghvendra Kumar 2018 Rs 1020.00
Poverty Inequality and Social Protection: Issues and Policies Kumar, Swargesh 2018 Rs 977.50
Quality in Higher Education: Issues and Challenges Sharma, Tanya & Tapan Kumar Shandilya 2018 Rs 977.50
Trade Led Economic Growth: Current Problems and Challenges Sharma, Tanya & Tapan Kumar Shandilya 2018 Rs 1232.50
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