Title Author Year Price  
Aanuvanshiki ke Tatav (Elements of Genetics) Hindi Sharma, A K & Rajeshwari Sharma 2016 Rs 169.15
Advances in Horticulture and Forestry Vol 6 Singh, S P ed 1999 Rs 807.50
Agricultural Insect Pests and their Control Awasthi, V B 2011 Rs 1062.50
Agricultural Meteorology Mishra, Ajit Kumar 2016 Rs 1359.15
Allelopathy in the Life of Plants and their Communities willis, R.J 2016 Rs 2252.50
Analytical Methods for Medicinal Plants and Economic Botany Daniel, M & Denni Mammen 2016 Rs 1657.50
Anatomy Vol 4: Embryology and Histology, MCQ`s for MBBS 1st Prof and PG Entrance (PB) Singh, Brijendra 2016 Rs 191.25
Animal Cell Culture Singh, L 2016 Rs 1274.15
Applied Molecular Genetics Miesfeld, Roger L 2013 Rs 845.75
Aquaculture and Fisheries Science: Principles and Practices Agrawal, V P 2014 Rs 2975.00
Aromatic and Essential Oil Plants Shastri, S K 2016 Rs 1274.15
Aushadh Dravyon ka Tridosh Gun Vivechan Bhutiya, Ramesh Kumar 2016 Rs 807.50
Basic Statistics (PB) Mohanty, P K & S K Patel 2016 Rs 272.00
Bharatiya Krishi evam Manrega (Hindi) Choudhary, Akhilesh 2016 Rs 1444.15
Bharatiya Shiksha ki Chunotiyaon Rastogi, Krishan Gopal 0 Rs 212.50
Biochemical Environmental Toxicology Chaudhary, Mangal 2016 Rs 1444.15
Biodegradation and Bioremediation 2nd edn Alexander, Martin 2013 Rs 2970.75
Biodiversity Conservation and Systematics Singh, Prithipal ed 2007 Rs 892.50
Biodiversity Traditional Knowledge Intellectual Property Rights Reddy, S Ram et al 2016 Rs 2082.50
Biotechnology for Agriculture and Environment Singh, Pradeep Kumar 2016 Rs 1529.15
Cereals and Millets: Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants Vol 1 Kole, Chittaranjan 2013 Rs 2545.75
Commercial Vegetable Processing 2nd edn Luh, Bob Shiun & Jasper Guy Woodroof 2014 Rs 1270.75
Crop Management Walia, U S 2015 Rs 2252.50
Design of Steel Structures Vol 1 13th edn Chandra, Ram & Virendra Gehlot 2016 Rs 446.25
Drought Mitigation and Management Kumar, Suresh et al 2017 Rs 2252.50
Elements of Genetics (PB) Sharma, A K & Rajeshwari Sharma 2016 Rs 212.50
Entomology in the Doon Valley (Garhwal Himalaya): A Stronghold for Insect Research Tyagi, B K & Vijay Veer 2016 Rs 1912.50
Essentials of Biotechnology (PB) Crichton, Michael 2014 Rs 675.75
Essentials of Nanotechnology Anand, Rishabh 2014 Rs 420.75
Ethics Risk and Uncertainty of Climate Change and Global Warming Kumar, Ramender 2016 Rs 1274.15
Fasal Karyiki (Crop Physiology) (Hindi) Sharma, A K & Rajeshwari Sharma 2016 Rs 148.75
Forest Trees: Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants Vol 7 Kole, Chittaranjan 2013 Rs 2545.75
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