Title Author Year Price  
A to Z Geology of India: Stratigraphy and Fossil Mathur, O P 2018 Rs 1147.50
Advances in Plant Physiology Vol 17: Developments and Mechanisms Underlying Plant Resilience to Changing Environment Hemantaranjan, A 2017 Rs 3102.50
Agriculture Competition Explorer: MCQ for Agricultural Competitive Examination PB) Arya, R L et al 2012 Rs 212.50
Agro Entrepreneurship Panigrahy, Shakti Ranjan & Baljeet Singh 2017 Rs 807.50
Agroforestry: Theory and Practices (PB) Raj, A J 2017 Rs 637.50
Agrotechnology for Dryland Farming 2nd revised ed Dhopte, Arvind M 2017 Rs 3357.50
Applied Molecular Genetics Miesfeld, Roger L 2013 Rs 845.75
Applied Remote Sensing for Urban Planning Governance & Sustainability Netzband, M 2016 Rs 1270.75
Basic Concepts of Plant Biotechnology: With MCQs (PB) Prakash, Vijay & Niraj Tripathi 2018 Rs 297.50
Basic Concepts of Plant Science JRF SRF BHU SAU ARS NET UPSC PSCs and Other Competitive Examinations (PB) Bangarwa, Sandeep K & Dheeraj Singh 2018 Rs 335.75
Basic Statistics (PB) Mohanty, P K & S K Patel 2016 Rs 331.50
Biodegradation and Bioremediation 2nd edn Alexander, Martin 2013 Rs 2970.75
Biofertilizer Technology (PB) Kannaiyan, S et al 2013 Rs 467.50
Biology of Fungi 6th ed (PB) Ingold, C T & H J Hudson 2013 Rs 403.75
Biotechnology: Emerging Trends (PB) Sayyed, Riyazali Z & Ashok S Patil 2009 Rs 467.50
Cereals and Millets: Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants Vol 1 Kole, Chittaranjan 2013 Rs 2545.75
Chemistry of Pesticides: Their Metabolism Mode of Action and Uses in Crop Protection (PB) Hassall Kenneth A 2013 Rs 488.75
Chickpea (Gram): Status and Cultivation Technology (PB) Shekhawat, S S 2013 Rs 212.50
Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Agriculture and Allied Sectors Rao, G S L H V Prasad 2011 Rs 2507.50
Commercial Vegetable Processing 2nd edn Luh, Bob Shiun & Jasper Guy Woodroof 2014 Rs 1270.75
Controversial Herbal Drugs of Ayurveda (PB) Saroya, Amritpal Singh 2013 Rs 382.50
Crop Management (PB) Walia, U S 2015 Rs 467.50
Dictionary of Local Botanical Names in Indian Folk Life Jain, Vartika, & S K Jain 2018 Rs 1657.50
Digital Information Literacy in Agricultural Universities Sharma, Yogita 2018 Rs 637.50
Disease Problems in Vegetable Production Thind, T S 2012 Rs 382.50
Diseases of Vegetable Ornamental and Spice Crops Gupta, S K et al eds 2017 Rs 1649.00
Drought Mitigation and Management Kumar, Suresh et al 2017 Rs 2252.50
Elements of Genetics (PB) Sharma, A K & Rajeshwari Sharma 2016 Rs 212.50
Entrepreneurship Development and Communication Skills Chole, R R et al 2012 Rs 892.50
Environmental Engineering and Safety (PB) Raut, Sangeeta & Sudip Kumar Sen 2017 Rs 297.50
Essentials of Biotechnology (PB) Crichton, Michael 2014 Rs 675.75
Essentials of Virology Reddy, S Ram & S M Reddy 2012 Rs 280.50
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