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Alga Dunaliella: Biodiversity Physiology Genomics and Biotechnology Amotz, Ami Ben et al eds 2009 P 81.60
Biology Ecology and Evolution of Gall inducing Arthropods Vol. 1 Raman, Anantanarayanan Raman et al eds 2005 P 51.00
Cell Diagnostics: Images Biophysical and Biochemical Processes in Allelopathy Roshchina, V V & S S Narwal eds 2007 P 44.19
Environmental Biology Hilleman, Terry 2009 Rs 1020.00
Fluorescing World of Plant Secreting Cells Roshchina, Victoria V 2008 P 56.94
Genetic Diversity of Cultivated Tropical Plants Hamon, Perla et al 2003 P 53.54
Journey of a Single Cell to a Plant Murch, S J & P K Saxena 2005 P 68.85
Larvae of Marine Bivalves and Echinoderms Kasyanov, V L et al 2015 Rs 845.75
Manual of Methods for Soil and Land Evaluation Costantini, Edoardo A C ed 2009 P 68.85
Microbial Ecology of the Soil and Plant Growth Davet, Pierre 2004 P 38.24
Mycorrhizas: A Molecular Analysis Krishna, K R 2005 P 56.94
Physiological and Ecological Adaptations to Feeding in Vertebrates Starck, J Matthias & Tobias Wang eds 2005 $ 108.55
Plant Ecophysiology Leclerc, Jean Claude 2003 P 47.59
Soil Abiotic and Biotic Interactions and the Impact on the Ecosystem and Human Welfare Huang, P M et al eds 2005 $ 101.96
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