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Corporate Social Responsibility: A Study of Oil and Gas PSUs of North-East Das, Bidhu Kanti 2015 Rs 849.15
Dating with River Terraces: Technique of Luminescence Singh, Bidyaswor et al 2016 Rs 679.15
India's Foreign Policy in the Contemporary Era Surjitkumar, N et al 2016 Rs 807.50
Mahatma Gandhi and His Concept of Ahimsa in the Present World Devi, Akham Hemabati 2016 Rs 722.50
Mass Media in Conflict Zones Devi, Ksh Chitabhanu & Md Raheijuddin Sheikh 2016 Rs 977.50
small States in International Politics: A Case Study of Foreign Policy of Sri Lanka Patnaik, Sivananda 2016 Rs 1062.50
Women in Entrepreneurship Singh, Elangbam Nixon 2016 Rs 849.15
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