Title Author Year Price  
Atmosphere Weather and Climate 9th ed (PB) Barry, Roger G & Richard J Chorley 2017 Rs 1270.75
Companion to World History Since 1914 (PB) Cook, Chris & John Stevenson 2017 Rs 1185.75
Cooking and Coping Among the Cacti: Diet Nutrition and Available Income in Northwestern Mexico (PB) Baer, Roberta D 1998 P 20.39
Discourse in English Language Education (PB) Flowerdew, John 2015 Rs 19.54
Dryland Management: Economic Case Studies (PB) Dixon, John A et al eds 2010 P 28.04
Environment and Politics (PB) Doyle, Timothy & Doug Mceachern 1998 P 12.74
Environmental Justice in India: The National Green Tribunal Gill, Gitanjali Nain 2017 P 93.50
Fifty Key Contemporary Thinkers: From Structuralism to Post Humanism 2nd edn (PB) Lechte, John 2017 Rs 760.75
Financial Modelling and Asset Valuation with Excel (PB) Helbaek, Morten et al 2017 Rs 1865.75
Food Economics: Industry and Markets (PB) Hansen, Henning Otte 2016 Rs 1015.75
From Molecular Genetics to Genomics: The Mapping of Twentieth Century Genetics Gaudilliere, Jean Paul & H J Rheinberger 2004 P 97.75
Institutions of Environmental Management: Constructing Mental Models and Sustainability Hukkinen, Janne 1999 P 68.00
Judith Butler (PB) Salih, Sara 2015 Rs 335.75
Managerial Economics 5th edn (PB) Png, Ivan 2016 Rs 552.50
Marketing Logistics 2nd ed (PB) Christopher, Martin & Helen Peck 2018 Rs 675.75
Pros and Cons: A Debater`s Handbook 19th edn (PB) Newman, Debbie & Ben Woolgar 2017 Rs 675.75
Rethinking Place in South Asian and Islamic Art 1500 Present Hutton, Deborah S & Rebecca M Brown 2017 P 93.50
Tamil Separatist War in Sri Lanka Wickremesekera, Channa 2016 Rs 760.75
Tidal Thames: The History of a River and its Fishes (PB) Wheeler, Alwyne 1979 P 8.29
Women Architects in India: Histories of Practice in Mumbai and Delhi Woods, Mary N 2017 P 93.50
World of Agricultural Economics: An Introduction (PB) Martiin, Carin 2013 P 33.14
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