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20th Century Lilterary Criticism A Reader Lodge, David ed 2016 Rs 1695.75
Afghanistan Post 2014: Power Configurations and Evolving Trajectories Harshe, Rajen & Dhananjay Tripathi 2016 Rs 760.75
Agrican Literatures in English Griffiths, Gareth 2016 Rs 1100.75
American Drama of the Twentieth Century Berkowitz, Gerald M 2016 Rs 760.75
Armed Forces and Insurgents in Modern Asia Roy, Kaushik 2016 Rs 722.50
ASEAN India Development and Cooperation Report 2015 (PB) Asean-India Centre 2015 Rs 675.75
Becoming Assamese: Colonialism and New Subjectivities in Northeast India Sengupta, Madhumita 2016 Rs 760.75
Blake: The Complete Poems 3rd ed (PB) Stevenson, W H 2016 Rs 1912.50
Business Ethics: A Critical Approach Integrating Ethics Across the Business World O'Sullivan, Patrick et al eds 2016 Rs 1147.50
Caribbean Literature in English James, Louis 2016 Rs 675.75
Central Asia: Geopolitics Security and Stability Patnaik, Ajay 2016 Rs 722.50
Changing Contours of Microfinance in India M, Jayadev & Diatha Krishna Sundar 2016 Rs 722.50
Communities of Women in Assam Dutta, Nandana Ed 2016 Rs 845.75
Criminal Capital Violence Corruption and Class in Industrial India Sanchez, Andrew 2016 Rs 675.75
Critical Discourse Analyis: The Critical Study of Language 2nd ed (PB) Fairclough, Norman 2016 Rs 1402.50
Critical Perspectives on Agarian Transition: India in the Global Debate Mohanty, B B ed 2016 Rs 760.75
Cultural Politics in Modern India Paranjape, Makarand R 2016 Rs 845.75
Democracy and Transparency in the Indian State: TheMaking of the Right to Information Act (PB) Sharma, Prashant 2016 Rs 807.50
Democratic Decentralization in India: Experiences Issues and Challenges Venkatesu, E 2016 Rs 760.75
Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics (PB) Richards, Jack C & Richard Schmidt 2016 Rs 1440.75
Dictionary of Stylistics 3rd edn Wales, Katie 2016 Rs 1270.75
Diversity in the Workforce: Current Issues and Emerging Trends Byrd, Marilyn Y & C L Scott 2016 Rs 1190.00
Early Nineteenth Century Panjab Grewal, J S & Indu Banga 2016 Rs 760.75
Education Empowerment in India: Policies and Practices Singh, Avinash Kumar 2016 Rs 892.50
Eighteenth Century English Poetry: The Annotated Anthology (PB) Jain, Nalini & John Richardson 2016 Rs 1062.50
Eighteenth Century: The Intellectual and Cultural Context of English Literature 1700-1789 2nd ed (PB) Sambrook, James 2016 Rs 807.50
English Drama of the Early Modern Period 1890-1940 (PB) Chothia, Jean 2016 Rs 807.50
English Drama Since 1940 (PB) Rabey, David Ian 2016 Rs 637.50
English Drama: Restoration and Eighteenth Century 1660-1789 (PB) Bevis, Richard W 2016 Rs 807.50
English Drama: Shakespeare to the Restoration 1590-1660 (PB) Leggatt, Alexander 2016 Rs 722.50
English Fiction of the Early Modern Period 1890-1940 (PB) Hewitt, Douglas 2016 Rs 637.50
English Fiction of the Romantic Period 1789-1830 (PB) Kelly, Gary 2016 Rs 760.75
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