Title Author Year Price  
ABC of Music Nizami, Feroze 1991 Rs 136.00
Al Biruni: His Times Life and Works Said, Hakim Mohammed & A Z Khan 1990 Rs 340.00
Greening the Desert: Agro Economic Impact of Indira Gandhi C anal of Rajasthan Koshteh, Karim M H 1995 Rs 680.00
Handbook for Clinical Research in Traditional Medicine Ahmed, Farah & Ghazala Javed 2005 Rs 127.50
Hijacking: A War by Other Means Kumar, Nishant 2000 Rs 212.50
History of the Freedom Movement 4 Vols in 5 Parts Board of Editors 2004 Rs 4080.00
Indo Iranian Thought: A World Heritage Shojakhani, M & M R Rikhtehgaran eds 1995 Rs 425.00
Last Two Dynasties of the Sahis: Analysis of their History Archaeology Coinage and Palaeography Rehman, Abdur 1988 Rs 297.50
Memoirs and Other Writings of Syed Ameer Ali Wasti, Syed Razi 0 Rs 191.25
Muslim Community of the Indo Pakistan Subcontinent: A BriefHistorical Analysis Qureshi, Ishtiaq Hussain 1998 Rs 425.00
Muslim Struggle for Freedom in British India Wasti, Syed Razi 1993 Rs 340.00
New Light on Central Asia Dani, Ahmad Hasan 1993 Rs 212.50
Partition: The Real Story Naqvi, Mushtaq 2015 Rs 238.00
Tarikh I Rashidi of Mirza Muhammad Haidar Dughlat A Historyof the Moghuls of Central Asia Could, Ney Elias 1986 Rs 552.50
Ulema in Politics: A Study Relating to the Political Activities of the Ulema in the South Asian Subcontinent Qureshi, Ishtiaq Husain 1998 Rs 552.50
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