Title Author Year Price  
Agriculture and Crop Insurance: Theory and Case Study Sharma, K C 2017 Rs 1088.00
Appointment of Judges in Higher Judiciary (A Review of Apex Court Decision in Supreme Court Advocates on Record v. Union of India 2017) Singh, Devinder 2017 Rs 1232.50
Contemporary Issues in Management Goyal, Krishn Awatar 2017 Rs 1173.00
Development and Sustainability: A Multidimensional Approach Sengupta, Atanu, Sarkar, Suchismita Mondal 2017 Rs 977.50
Development of Informal Economy: Problems and Challenges Pandey, Bharti & Subodh Kumar Sinha 2016 Rs 833.00
Dictionary of Advanced Library and Information Science Balasubramanian, P 2017 Rs 833.00
Education and Skill Development Bhardwaj, Aparna 2017 Rs 1487.50
Employment and Economic Growth: Policies and Strategies Kumar, Shailesh et al 2017 Rs 1428.00
Employment and Job Creation: Opportunities and Challenges Kumar, Ashok 2017 Rs 1173.00
FIR and Role of Police: Legislative and Judicial Trends Verma, H L 2017 Rs 1317.50
Gender and Social Work: Positions and Practices Anand, Meenu, Adusumalli, Malathi 2017 Rs 841.50
Global Human Resource Management Ghorbanhosseini, Masoud 2017 Rs 807.50
Growth Development Environment Sustainability: A Road Map for the Future Kar, Sandip et al 2017 Rs 1487.50
Gupta Coins: A Cultural Study Bhardwaj, Ranjana 2017 Rs 1003.00
Habitual Offenders and the Law Kumar, Raj 2017 Rs 552.50
Higher Education: Access, Equity and Excellence Kumari, Punam 2017 Rs 1317.50
Human Development and Economic Growth Singh, Raghavendra Kumar 2017 Rs 748.00
Human Resource Development and Higher Education Pal, Prankrishna 2016 Rs 1258.00
Human Rights and The Law Nawal, Nitu 2017 Rs 1827.50
Inclusive Growth: The Key to India's Sustainable Development Bawa, Meenakshi 2017 Rs 833.00
Income and Wealth Inequalities Challenges and Problems Taneja, Deepti 2017 Rs 1232.50
Inflation, Income Distribution and Economic Growth Dwivedi, Diwakar, Singh, Nar 2017 Rs 1003.00
Intellectual Property Law Ahuja, Shagun et al 2017 Rs 977.50
Intellectual Property Rights: A Critical Study of Patent Laws with Special Reference to Biotechnology, Bio-safety and Genetic Engineering Singh, Chandra Sen Pratap 2017 Rs 1530.00
Medico-Legal Aspect of Sex-Selective Abortion in India Bansal, Reetika 2017 Rs 1003.00
Millennium Development Goals: Achievements Failures and Way Forward Kumar, Abhishek 2017 Rs 1062.50
Nyayalayi Vaad ka Arthsastra (Economics of Litigation) Verma, Justice O P 2017 Rs 1062.50
Position of Women in the Buddhist Jatakas Bhardwaj, Ranjana 2017 Rs 1062.50
Principles of Modern Marketing Kaur, Bimaldeep, Dodrajka, Sangeeta 2017 Rs 833.00
Privatisation and Professionalisation of Education Ahmad, Tabrez, Prasad, Padmini 2017 Rs 1062.50
Proverty Reduction and Eradication: Challenges and Strategies Kumari, Pushpa 2017 Rs 1088.00
Recent Trends in Business Finance Goyal, Krishan A, Mohapatra, Amiya Kumar, Maharshi, Kshitiz 2017 Rs 833.00
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