Title Author Year Price  
Corporate and Business Governance: Various Issues Challenges and Reforms Ahmad, Rais et al 2019 Rs 1402.50
Economic Environment: Global Recession Impact on Growth and Future Challenges Ahmad, Rais et al 2019 Rs 1232.50
Financial Management: Various Aspects Performance and Future Strategies Ahmad, Rais et al 2019 Rs 1402.50
Financial System and Services: Different Aspects and Challenges to Financial System Ahmad, Rais et al 2019 Rs 1530.00
Guerrilla Warfare Insurgency and Terrorism Bhatia, A S 2018 Rs 1173.00
Law Relating to Disaster Management Futane, Priya R 2019 Rs 1088.00
Macro Economic Drivers of Employment Growth: New Innovations Nayak, Pulin B 2014 Rs 1487.50
Military in 21st Century Warfare Bhatia, A S 2018 Rs 1088.00
Non Violence in Indian Traditions: In Vedic Era Jainism Buddhism Islam Sikhism Gandhism Chauhan, Kiran 2019 Rs 1258.00
Sustainable Economic Development: Entrepreneurship Rural Growth Poverty Alleviation Ahmad, Rais et al 2019 Rs 1317.50
Textbook of Management Accounting Dalaien, Borhan Al & Anas Khan 2018 Rs 1088.00
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