Title Author Year Price  
Advanced Research in Commerce and Management Sharma, Eliza & Jyoti Sindhu 2016 Rs 722.50
Black Money and Parallel Economy: Causes Effects and Remedial Measures Kumar, Abhishek 2016 Rs 1173.00
Companies Act 2013: New Challenges in Contemporary Indian Economy Mitra, Partha Pratim 2016 Rs 1173.00
Consumer Protection Law: Provisions and Procedure Chaudhary, Ram Naresh 2017 Rs 1598.00
Contemporary Issues in Business and Economy Singh, Anil Kumar et al 2016 Rs 918.00
Corruption in Modern India: Roots Causes and Remedies Mhopare, Rahul S & Sanjay Kumar 2016 Rs 1173.00
Crime and Criminal Justice System: Contemporary Issues Kataria, Gaurav 2014 Rs 918.00
Crimes against Children and their Rights: International and National Laws and Judicial Approach Kumar, Vinod 2016 Rs 2023.00
Deregulation of Interest Rates Kaur, Moninder 2017 Rs 578.00
Development of Informal Economy: Problems and Challenges Pandey, Bharti & Subodh Kumar Sinha 2016 Rs 833.00
Dr B R Ambedkar and Social Transformation Malhotra, Anjna 2017 Rs 578.00
Dynamics of Higher Education Das, Kartick 2017 Rs 833.00
E Marketing: A Comprehensive Textbook Sharma, Eliza & Jyoti Sindhu 2016 Rs 833.00
Economy of Tamil Nadu Today: New Realities and Challenges Gandhi, P Jegadish & P Ganesan 2016 Rs 1258.00
Emerging Issues on Inclusive Growth Business and Environment Raj, John Felix et al 2016 Rs 1147.50
Emerging Trends in Management and Public Policy Sinha, Anil Kumar et al 2016 Rs 918.00
Empowering Dalit Women with Self Help Groups: An Analysis Rao, Allu Gowri Sankar 2017 Rs 663.00
Entrepreneurship and Labour in Informal Sector Chandran, B P Sarath & Bhawna Jha 2016 Rs 1003.00
Ethical Facets of Governance Kapila, Renu 2016 Rs 1088.00
Ethics in Governance: Diverse Aspects Kapila, Renu 2016 Rs 841.50
Fighting Poverty in India Chandramohan, B P & Pushpa Kumari 2016 Rs 1513.00
Financing of Higher Education: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Financing Naqvi, Munila & Nar Singh 2016 Rs 918.00
Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Mishra, Shyam Kartik & Dimpal Vij 2015 Rs 918.00
Global Violence Peace amd Security Garg, Ranjan 2015 Rs 748.00
Human Resource Development and Higher Education Pal, Prankrishna 2016 Rs 1258.00
Ikkisavi Sadi mein Gandhi ka Aarthik Darshan Mishra, Veena Gopal 2016 Rs 918.00
India's Engineering Sector: Strategies Export Overview and Future Outlook Paswan, Vijay Kumar 2017 Rs 578.00
Indian Political Market Ravindran, V & Anita Nair 2017 Rs 493.00
Indias Foreign Policy in Contemporary World Bhardwaj, Naveen 2014 Rs 1003.00
Industrial Engineering and Management Ahuja, Shagun & Rawat, Nidhi 2017 Rs 977.50
Industrial Laws Verma, Rajanikant & Nupur Saboo 2016 Rs 552.50
Industrial Organisation and Management Ahuja, Shagun & R K Sharma 2016 Rs 918.00
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