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Title Author Year Price  
Basic Concepts in Sociology Chavan, Sagarraj Rohidas et al 2017 Rs 930.75
Communication for Social Work Practice Manjramkar, Manisha Anantrao 2017 Rs 930.75
Exploring the Pattern of Livelihood Through Environmental Crisis Walekar, Ashok 2017 Rs 760.75
Family and Child Welfare Manjramkar, Manisha Anantrao 2016 Rs 845.75
Handbook of English Language and Literature Yadav, Aayushi 2016 Rs 637.50
History of Medieval India Kumari, K 2017 Rs 930.75
How to Write a Research Paper in Literature Yadav, Aayushi 2016 Rs 675.75
India`s Foreign Policy: Current Perspective Shahi, S P 2017 Rs 930.75
International Relations and World Politics Yadava, Prem Chandra 2017 Rs 1015.75
Micro Finance: A Tool for Economic Empowerment of Women Dhusia, D K 2016 Rs 760.75
Personality Development Kapurderiya, Meghraj 2017 Rs 760.75
Research Methodology Gaikwad, Sudhir Baswant et al 2017 Rs 675.75
Social Work Practice in Field Work Govindrao, Patil Narhari 2017 Rs 760.75
Women and Development Manjramkar, Manisha Anantrao 2017 Rs 977.50
Women Entrepreneurship and Skills Development Manjramkar, Manisha Anantrao 2017 Rs 977.50
Women in Russian Politics 1991-2001 Shradha 2017 Rs 590.75
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