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Title Author Year Price  
Advances in Ocular Toxicology Green, Keith et al eds 1997 EUR 158.53
Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application X Gryning, Erik Seven 1995 $ 290.70
Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Physiology of Phospholipase A2 and its Regulatory Factors Mukherjee, Anil B ed 1990 EUR 67.99
Comparative Hemostasis in Vertebrates Lewis, Jessica H 1996 EUR 143.65
Current Mammalogy Vol 2 Genoways, Hugh H ed 1990 EUR 194.65
Food and Free Radicals Hiramatsu, Midori et al eds 1997 EUR 131.71
Galapagos Marine Invertebrates: Taxonomy Biogeography and Evolution in Darwin's Islands James, Matthew J ed 1991 EUR 127.46
Heterochrony in Evolution: A Multidisciplinary Approach McKinney, Michael L ed 1988 EUR 203.15
Marine Mammal Sensory Systems Thomas, Jeanette A et al 1992 EUR 226.10
Nonlinear Wave Processes in Excitable Media Holden, Arun V et al eds 1991 EUR 186.15
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