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Title Author Year Price  
Food Fundamentals 10th edn (PB) Mcwilliams, Margaret 2016 Rs 760.75
Introduction to Materials Management 8th ed (PB) Chapman, Stephen N et al 2017 P 49.29
Marketing: An Introduction 13th ed (PB) Armstrong, Gary et al 2017 P 50.14
Nature and Properties of Soils 14th edn (PB) Brady, Nyle C & Ray R Weil 2016 Rs 968.15
Nature and Properties of Soils 15th edn (PB) Brady, Nyle C & Ray R Weil 2017 P 51.84
Organizational Behaviour 16th edn (PB) Robbins, Stephen P et al 2017 Rs 764.15
Organizational Behaviour 17th ed (PB) Robbins, Stephen P & Timothy A Judge 2017 P 50.14
Plant Propagation: Principles and Practices 8th edn (PB) Hartmann, Hudson T et al 2017 Rs 908.65
World of the Cell 8th edn Hardin, Jeff et al eds 2012 P 46.74
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