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Title Author Year Price  
Advanced Animal Nutrition Rawat, Swati Shailendra 2018 Rs 1270.75
Advances in Fisheries and Fish Production Rawat, Swati Shailendra 2018 Rs 1270.75
Advances in Microbial Biotechnology Krishna, Pabba Shiva 2018 Rs 1270.75
Advances in Seed Science and Technology Singh, Nouratan 2018 Rs 1185.75
Agricultural Biochemistry Gaur, Harendra K & Shalini Anand 2018 Rs 1168.75
Agricultural Development Rural Institutions and Economic Policy Gaur, Harender K 2018 Rs 1317.50
Agricultural Insect Pests and Their Control Gaur, Harender K 2018 Rs 1100.75
Agricultural Water Pollution and Management P, Ashoka & Ram Swaroop Meena 2018 Rs 1147.50
Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bhattacharya, Surajit 2018 Rs 1270.75
Algal Biotechnology Gopal, Krishan 2018 Rs 1147.50
Algal Biotechnology and Its Importance in Agriculture Kaladhar, DSVGK 2018 Rs 1253.75
Analytical Biochemistry Rau, S P Likitha 2018 Rs 1253.75
Animal Behaviour: Their Nature Characteristics and Reactions Gaur, Harendra K 2018 Rs 1270.75
Animal Biochemistry Balwan, Neelam Saba 2018 Rs 1270.75
Animal Breeding Balwan, Neelam Saba 2018 Rs 1270.75
Animal Cell Biotechnology Suhasini, G 2018 Rs 1253.75
Animal Husbandry and Farming Management Bhattacharya, Surajit 2018 Rs 1338.75
Animal Physiology and Biochemistry Balwan, Walied Khawar 2018 Rs 1317.50
Applied Immunology Suhasini, G 2018 Rs 1168.75
Bar and Beverage Management Chandra, Ashish 2018 Rs 1168.75
Beneficial Fungi: Importance and their Uses in Agriculture Singh, Sadhana 2018 Rs 1270.75
Biocontrol of Plant Diseases and Their Benefits Chaudhary, Ravi Kumar 2018 Rs 1270.75
Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry Balwan, Walied Khawar 2018 Rs 1185.75
Biotechnology in Crop Improvement Gopal, Krishan 2018 Rs 1232.50
Biotechnology Plant Propagation and Plant Breeding Kadimpati, Kishore Kumar 2018 Rs 1100.75
Business Administration Sharma, C H 2018 Rs 1185.75
Catering Management Practices Misra, Siddhartha 2018 Rs 1232.50
Catering Technology Food Service and Hospitality Management Misra, Siddhartha 2018 Rs 1083.75
Communication Skills for Hospitality Management Kumar, Naveen 2018 Rs 1270.75
Computer in Libraries Bhatt, Priyanka C 2018 Rs 1270.75
Control of Fungal Plant Pathogens in Agricultural Biotechnology Kadimpati, Kishore Kumar 2018 Rs 1232.50
Crop Nutrition: Principles and Practices Kumar, Sandeep & Ram Swaroop Meena 2018 Rs 1270.75
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