Title Author Year Price  
Animal Cell Biotechnology Spier, R E & J B Griffiths eds 2016 Rs 2120.75
Biology and Biotechnology: Science Applications and Issues Kreuzer, Helen et al 2016 Rs 1270.75
Breeding Field Crops 5th edn Sleper, David Allen & J M Poehlman 2006 Rs 1355.75
Cell Imaging Stephens, D ed 2006 Rs 845.75
Essentials of Ecology 2nd edn Townsend, Colin R et al 2006 Rs 760.75
Fermentation: A Practical Approach (PB) McNeil, B & L M Harvey eds 2007 Rs 845.75
Molecular Biotechnology 2nd edn (PB) Primrose, S B 2001 Rs 1100.75
Plant Physiology 3rd edn Taiz, Lincoln & Eduardo Zeiger eds 2003 Rs 1695.75
Plant Tissue Culture Manual Lindsey, K ed 2007 Rs 1695.75
Practical Immunology 4th edn Hay, Frank C & Olwyn M R Westwood 2006 Rs 1695.75
Proteomics OConnor, C David & B David Hames eds 2008 Rs 845.75
Textbook of Veterinary Histology 6th edn Eurell, Jo Ann & B L Frappier 2007 Rs 2545.75
Whole Genome Amplification: Methods Express Hughes, S & R Lasken eds 2005 Rs 845.75
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