Title Author Year Price  
Cultural History: Theory & History (PB) Green, Anna 2016 Rs 505.75
Culture and Identity 2nd ed (PB) Kidd, Warren & Alison Teagle 2017 Rs 679.15
Democratization: A Critical Introduction 2nd ed  (PB) Grugel, Jean & Matthew Louis Bishop 2016 Rs 679.15
Dynamics of Democratization: Elites Civil Society and the Transition Process (PB) Gill, Graeme 2017 Rs 679.15
Empiricism and History: Theory & History (PB) Davies, Stephen 2016 Rs 505.75
Future Jihad: Terroist Strategies against America Phares, Walid 0 Rs 1275.00
Gender and History: Theory and History (PB) Kent, Susan Kingsley 2016 Rs 505.75
Human Rights and Narrated Lives: The Ethics of Recognition Schaffer, Kay & Sidonie Smith 2015 Rs 2120.75
Marxism and History: Theory and History (PB) Perry, Matt 2016 Rs 505.75
Political Analysis: A Critical Introdiuction (PB) Hay, Colin 2016 Rs 675.75
Power and the State (PB) Smith, Martin J 2016 Rs 679.15
Rational Choice Theory: Potential and Limits (PB) Eriksson, Lina 2016 Rs 679.15
Research Design in Political Science (PB) Toshkov, Dimiter 2017 Rs 679.15
State: Theories and Issues (PB) Hay, Colin et al 2016 Rs 679.15
Theorizing Nationalism (PB) Day, Graham & Andrew Thompson 2017 Rs 679.15
Theory and Method 2nd ed (PB) Churton, Mel & Anne Brown 2017 Rs 679.15
Using Research in Practice (PB) Taylor, Jaqui Hewitt 2017 Rs 679.15
Why Institutions Matter: The New Institutionalism in Political Science (PB) Lowndes, Vivien & Mark Roberts 2016 Rs 679.15
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