Title Author Year Price  
Cultural Theory and the Problem of Modernity (PB) Swingewood, Alan 2017 Rs 679.15
Culture and Identity 2nd ed (PB) Kidd, Warren & Alison Teagle 2017 Rs 679.15
Democratization: A Critical Introduction 2nd ed (PB) Grugel, Jean & Matthew Louis Bishop 2016 Rs 679.15
Doing Political Science and International Relations: Theories in Action (PB) Savigny, Heather & Lee Marsden 2017 Rs 679.15
Dynamics of Democratization: Elites Civil Society and the Transition Process (PB) Gill, Graeme 2017 Rs 679.15
Hybrid Knowlwdge in the Early East India Company World Winterbottom Anna 2016 P 53.55
Legitimation of Power 2nd ed (PB) Beetham, David 2016 Rs 679.15
Politics and Power: Skill based Sociology (PB) Kidd, Warren et al 2017 Rs 679.15
Power and the State (PB) Smith, Martin J 2016 Rs 679.15
Rational Choice Theory: Potential and Limits (PB) Eriksson, Lina 2016 Rs 679.15
Relevance of Political Science (PB) Stoker, Gerry et al 2016 Rs 679.15
Remapping the Indian Postcolonial Canon: Remap Reimagine and Retranslate Menon, Nirmala 2016 EUR 76.49
Research Design in Political Science (PB) Toshkov, Dimiter 2017 Rs 679.15
Research Methods in Politics 2nd ed (PB) Burnham, Peter et al 2016 Rs 679.15
Social Movements and the State in India: Deepening Democracy? Nielsen, Kenneth Bo & Alf Gunvald Nilsen 2016 EURO 123.24
Social Theroy and Social History: Theroy and History (PB) Macraild, Donald M & Avram Taylor 2016 Rs 505.75
State: Theories and Issues (PB) Hay, Colin et al 2016 Rs 679.15
Strategies for Comparative Research in Political Science (PB) Peters, B Guy 2017 Rs 679.15
Theorizing Nationalism (PB) Day, Graham & Andrew Thompson 2017 Rs 679.15
Theory and Method 2nd ed (PB) Churton, Mel & Anne Brown 2017 Rs 679.15
Using Research in Practice (PB) Taylor, Jaqui Hewitt 2017 Rs 679.15
Why Institutions Matter: The New Institutionalism in Political Science (PB) Lowndes, Vivien & Mark Roberts 2016 Rs 679.15
Womens Authority and Leadership in a Hindu Goddess Tradition Spina, Nanette R 2017 EURO 84.99
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