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Title Author Year Price  
Adaptive Evolution of Genes and Genomes Hughes, Austin L 1999 P 38.25
Atlas of Drosophila Genes Sequences and Molecular Features Maroni, Gustavo 1993 $ 76.50
Bioinvasions and Globalisation: Ecology Economics Managementand Policy Perrings, Charles et al 2010 P 30.60
Biological Invasions: Theory and Practice Shigesada, Nanako & Kohkichi Kawasaki 1997 P 38.25
Biological NMR Spectroscopy Markley, John L & Stanley J Opella eds 1997 P 45.05
Biology of the Springtails Insecta: Collembola Hopkin, Stephen P 1997 P 142.38
Building Bioinformatics Solutions With Perl R and SQL 2nd edn (PB) Bessant, Conrad et al 2014 P 33.14
Climate Change and the Global Harvest: Potential Impacts of the Greenhouse Effect on Agriculture Rosenzweig, Cynthia & Daniel Hillel 1998 P 33.14
Clinical Immunology: A Practical Approach Gooi, H C & H Chapel eds 1991 $ 80.75
Co and Post Translational Modification of Proteins: ChemicalPrinciples and Biological Effects Graves, Donald J et al 1994 P 44.62
Combinatorial Chemistry Fenniri, Hicham ed 2000 P 40.38
Continental Shelf Limits: The Scientific and Legal Interface (PB) Cook, Peter J & Chris M Carleton eds 2000 P 38.25
Developmental Behaviour Genetics: Neural Biometrical and Evolutionary Approaches Hahn, Martin E et al eds 1990 $ 55.25
Disease Ecology: Community Structure and Pathogen Dynamics Collinge, Sharon K & Chris Ray eds 2006 P 72.25
Dispersal in Plants: A Population Perspective Cousens, Roger et al 2008 P 72.25
DNA Viruses Replication Cann, Alan J ed 2000 P 62.90
DNA Viruses: A Practical Approach Cann, Alan J ed 1999 P 59.50
Ecology Engineering and Management: Reconciling Ecosystem Rehabilitation and Service Reliability Eeten, Michel J G Van & Emery Roe 2002 P 22.94
Ecology of Wildlife Diseases Hudson, Peter J et al eds 2002 P 39.94
Elusive Magic Bullet: The Search for the Perfect Drug Mann, John 1999 P 16.99
Endless Forms: Species and Speciation (PB) Howard, Daniel J & Stewart H Berlocher 1998 P 28.04
Essentials of Development Plant Anatomy Steeves, Taylor A & Vipen K Sawhney 2017 $ 59.46
Evolution of Animal Behaviour: Paleontological and Field Approaches Nitecki, Matthew H & Jennifer A Kitchell 1986 $ 136.00
Experimental Ecology: Issues and Perspectives Resetarits, William J & Joseph Bernardo 1998 P 63.75
Experimental Protocols for Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species Taniguchi, Naoyuki & J M C Gutteridge 2000 P 40.38
Forest or Farm: The Politics of Poverty and Land Hunger in Nepal Ghimire, Krishna 1992 $ 22.10
Gene Probes Vol 1: A Practical Approach Hames, B D & S J Higgins eds 1995 P 25.50
Genetic Engineering: Dreams and Nightmares (PB) Russo, Enzo & David Cove 1998 P 9.34
Geographic Variation in Behaviour: Perspectives on Evolutionary Mechanisms Foster, Susan A & John A Endler eds 1999 P 59.50
Guidebook to the Cytoskeletal and Motor Proteins 2nd edn Kreis, Thomas & Ronald Vale eds 1999 P 40.80
Habitat Creation and Repair Gilbert, Oliver L & Penny Anderson 1998 P 23.38
Handbook of Soils for Landscape Architects Keefer, Robert F 2000 P 22.94
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