Title Author Year Price  
Adaptive Evolution of Genes and Genomes Hughes, Austin L 1999 P 38.25
Adult Education In India S G, Baviskar 2017 Rs 1440.75
Advanced in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Kumar, Mahendra 2017 Rs 2082.50
Advanced Physical Chemistry Thore, Shivajirao N 2017 Rs 1865.75
Advances in Small Millets Riley, K W et al 2015 Rs 828.75
Agro Biodiversity Management For Food Security singh parmeshwar 2017 Rs 2040.00
Agro Toxicology and Eco-System Management Singh, Parmeshwar 2017 Rs 2040.00
Alkaloids Tomar, Ritu 2017 Rs 1865.75
Animal Productivity Bhat, P N 2000 Rs 382.50
Apiculture: Know the Bee Manage the Apiary Jean Prost, Pierre 1994 Rs 318.75
Applied Nutrition: Cats Dogs Wild Animals and Birds (PB) Reddy, D V 2014 Rs 250.75
Applied Nutrition: Livestock Poultry Rabbits and Lboratory Animals 3rd edn (PB) Reddy, D V 2015 Rs 327.25
Aquatic Entomology (PB) Lancaster, Jill & Robert A Briers eds 2014 P 31.88
Assessment Methodologies and Management Sakagawa, Gary T 2014 Rs 467.50
Assessment Methodologies and Management: Proceedings of the World Fisheries Congress Theme 5 Sakagawa, Gary t 2014 Rs 382.50
Atlas of Drosophila Genes Sequences and Molecular Features Maroni, Gustavo 1993 $ 76.50
Atomic Chemistry Thore, Shivajirao N 2017 Rs 1865.75
Basic Operations of Animal Husbandry Tomar, Sandeep 2013 Rs 1785.00
Basics Of Biological Confocal Microscopy Kumar, Manendra 2017 Rs 2167.50
Basics of Physical Chemistry Thore, Shivajirao N 2017 Rs 1865.75
Biodiversity: An Overview Khinchi, Shyam S & Meenu Tanwar 2017 Rs 1610.75
Bioinvasions and Globalisation: Ecology Economics Managementand Policy Perrings, Charles et al 2010 P 30.60
Biological Control of Cotton Pathogens Ukey, R C 2015 Rs 1100.75
Biological Invasions: Theory and Practice Shigesada, Nanako & Kohkichi Kawasaki 1997 P 38.25
Biological NMR Spectroscopy Markley, John L & Stanley J Opella eds 1997 P 45.05
Biology of the Springtails Insecta: Collembola Hopkin, Stephen P 1997 P 89.25
Botany in India: History and Progress in 2 Vols Johri, B M 0 Rs 2550.00
Building Bioinformatics Solutions With Perl R and SQL 2nd edn (PB) Bessant, Conrad et al 2014 P 28.48
Chemical Engineering Solutions to the problems in Volume Choudhary, N L 2017 Rs 2125.00
Circular Migration and Multilocational Livelihood Strategies in Rural India Deshingkar, Priya & John Farrington 2009 $ 55.25
Climate Change and the Global Harvest: Potential Impacts of the Greenhouse Effect on Agriculture Rosenzweig, Cynthia & Daniel Hillel 1998 P 33.14
Clinical Immunology: A Practical Approach Gooi, H C & H Chapel eds 1991 $ 80.75
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