Title Author Year Price  
Adaptive Evolution of Genes and Genomes Hughes, Austin L 1999 P 38.25
Advanced Animal Nutrition (PB) Reddy, D V 2017 Rs 488.75
Advanced Number: Theory with Application Whitman, Garry 2019 Rs 1657.50
Advanced Textbook on Biodiversity: Principles and Practice (PB) Krishnamurthy, K V 2018 Rs 382.50
Advances in Chilli Research Luiz, Mailson 2019 Rs 1615.00
Advances in Remote Sensing and Plate Tectonics Verma, Mahesh 2019 Rs 1912.50
Advances in Responses of Plants Under Stress Singh, Hardev 2019 Rs 1865.75
Agribusiness Management Singh, Ajay 2019 Rs 1695.75
Agricultural Economics 2nd edn (PB) Reddy, S Subba et al eds 2017 Rs 561.00
Agricultural Finance and Management (PB) Reddy, S Subba et al eds 2018 Rs 250.75
Agricultural Marketing in India 6th edn (PB) Acharya, S S & N L Agarwal 2017 Rs 531.25
Algebraic Number Theory Whitman, Garry 2019 Rs 1636.25
Algebraic Topology: An Introduction Khan, Naseer 2019 Rs 1865.75
Analytical Methods in Combinatorial Chemistry Zhang, Bing 2019 Rs 1865.75
Applications of Soil: Structure Interaction Analysis Kumar, Umesh 2019 Rs 1865.75
Applied Biotechnology Pravin, Garud Mrunalini & Jawalekar Kuldeep Vishnu 2018 Rs 1615.00
Applied Food Protein Chemistry Sharma, Sohan 2019 Rs 1695.75
Applied Nutrition 4th edn (PB) Rajalakshmi, R & K K Sakariah 2013 Rs 365.50
Applied Nutrition: Cats Dogs Wild Animals and Birds (PB) Reddy, D V 2014 Rs 276.25
Applied Nutrition: Livestock Poultry Rabbits and Lboratory Animals 3rd edn (PB) Reddy, D V 2016 Rs 467.50
Atlas of Drosophila Genes Sequences and Molecular Features Maroni, Gustavo 1993 $ 76.50
Ayurvedic Drugs and their Plant Sources (PB) Sivarajan, V V & Indira Balachandran 2017 Rs 675.75
Basic Terminology on Bioinformatics Kalaria, Rishee K et al 2019 Rs 1440.75
Basics of Agricultural Biotechnology Mackay, Stewart 2019 Rs 1865.75
Basics of Chemistry Kumari, Sanju 2019 Rs 1695.75
Basics of Food Biochemistry and Microbiology Ellison, Max 2019 Rs 1865.75
Bioinvasions and Globalisation: Ecology Economics Managementand Policy Perrings, Charles et al 2010 P 30.60
Biological Invasions: Theory and Practice Shigesada, Nanako & Kohkichi Kawasaki 1997 P 38.25
Biological NMR Spectroscopy Markley, John L & Stanley J Opella eds 1997 P 45.05
Biology and Management of Wheat Pathogens Hoveling, Hugh W 2019 Rs 1657.50
Biology of the Springtails Insecta: Collembola Hopkin, Stephen P 1997 P 142.38
Biotechnology and Its Applications in Agricultural Science Shaikhdar, B F N & Dhawale R N 2018 Rs 1695.75
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