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Title Author Year Price  
Advanced Techniques of Agriculture Karhana, Pushpendra 0 Rs 127.50
Agri Facts Objective Entomology and Nematology for ARS NET JRF SRF Ph D SAUs Exams (PB) Prasad, S V Sai et al 2012 Rs 272.00
Agri Facts: Agronomy Model Paper and Dictionary Useful for JRF ARS/NET SAU PhD IFFCO NFL and Other Competitive Exams 2nd edn Prasad, S V Sai et al 2010 Rs 255.00
Agri Facts: Objective Horticulture Useful for JRF ARS/NET SAU Ph.D IFFCO NFL and Other Competitive Exams (PB) Prasad, S V Sai et al 2015 Rs 255.00
Agri Facts: Objective Plant Protection for ARS NET JRF SRF UPSC SAUs Exams Prasad, S V Sai  et al eds 2013 Rs 382.50
Agri Facts: Plant Breeding Useful for JRF ARS NET SAU PhD IFFOC NFL and Other Competitive Exams (PB) Prasad, S V Sai & G P Singh 2016 Rs 272.00
Agri Notes for ICARs JRF ARS NET SRF Ph D PSCs Pre PG Exams Reddy, T 2014 Rs 191.25
Agricultural Terminology Dhaka, S R et al 0 Rs 289.00
Applied Entomology: ICAR JRF ARS SAUs Entrance Exams UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2nd edn Reddy, D S 2010 Rs 157.25
Biotechnology: Useful for JRF, ARS/NET, SAU, Ph.D, IFFCO, NFL and other Competitive Exams (PB) Prasad, S V Sai 2016 Rs 221.00
Brief Book on Extension Education (PB) Shruti, Madan Singh 2015 Rs 144.50
Competitive Agronomy Naik, K R et al eds 2013 Rs 144.50
Competitive Forestry: For ICAR-ARS NET JRF SRF ICFRE SAU`s ACF and RFO Examinations R, Uthappa A et al 2015 Rs 280.50
Concise Agriculture: For All Agricultural Competitive Examinations (PB) Kantwa, C R 2016 Rs 408.00
Glaustas Horticulture Muthukumar, P 2013 Rs 348.50
Glimpses of Postharvest Technology Meena, Uadal Singh & Suresh Kumar P 2005 Rs 191.25
Krishi Vigyan: Vastunishtha Prashan Kosh (PB) Kantwa, S R 2010 Rs 331.50
Multiple Choice Questions in Agricultural Extension for JRF ARS NET SRF Exams 3rd edn Sunil, V G 2014 Rs 204.00
Objective Agricultural Entomology on Competitive View for JRF SRF ARS NET PHd IARI SAUs Entrance Vol 1 Haldhar, Shravan M 2015 Rs 348.50
Objective Agriculture for All Competitive Examinations includes Previous Years Questions of ARS/SRF 17th edn Kantwa, S R 2016 Rs 331.50
Objective Agriculture Includes Previous Years Questions of JRF Exam 17 th edn Kantwa, S R 2016 Rs 323.00
Objective Crop Protection Entomology Plant Pathology and Nematology for ARS Prelims 3nd edn Prasad, T V & P Srinivas 2010 Rs 442.00
Objective Entomology 4rd edn Prasad, T V 2010 Rs 348.50
Objective Horticulture ARS NET SRF JRF ICAR and PhD Entrance Examination 3rd edn (PB) Singh, Uadal & V R Sagar 2014 Rs 255.00
Objective Plant Sciences for ARS NET JRF UPSC SAUs Exams Prasad, S V Sai et al eds 2013 Rs 297.50
Objective Soil Science with Memory Based ARS SRF JRF IARI Entrance Question Papers Ramesh T et al 2008 Rs 340.00
Objectives in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering for JRF SRF NET ARS IARI PB) Jeet, Pawan & Prem 2016 Rs 170.00
Plant Nematology at a Glance (PB) B, Manjunath et al 2014 Rs 144.50
Plant Pathology at a Glance Srinivas, P 0 Rs 255.00
Plant Science: Includes Memory Based Previous Years Papers (PB) Elangovan, A 2016 Rs 255.00
Question Bank of Agronomy for ARS NET Exam (PB) Singh, Mamta 2013 Rs 144.50
Ready Reckoner of Genetics Prasad, S V Sai 2013 Rs 323.00
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