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Title Author Year Price  
Accounting for Managers (PB) Ahmed, Naseem et al 2019 Rs 590.75
Advance Technologies in Agriculture for Doubling Farmer`s Income Swain, Kishore Chandra et al 2018 Rs 1020.00
Advances in ICT in Agriculture Panda, Chandan Kumar et al 2018 Rs 1355.75
Agriculture Exam's Made Easy: For All Agricultural Competitive Examinations like ICAR JRF SRF ASRB (NET ARS) IARI Exam UPSC Examand all SAU's Entrance Exams (PB) Pallavi, G et al 2017 Rs 505.75
Animation History and Production (PB) Vats, Aparna 2017 Rs 170.00
Applications of Internet of Things in Digital Era (PB) Sarkar, A N 2018 Rs 595.00
Brexit and India: Analysing the Implications Bhatia, Sandeep Kaur 2018 Rs 807.50
Brief Chronicle of Modern Physics Saha, Sebabrata 2018 Rs 331.50
Broiler Production: Economics and Marketing (PB) Dwivedi, Sudhakar et al 2016 Rs 212.50
Butterflies of Shiwalik Hills India (PB) Thakur, Mahender S & Vinod K Mattu 2018 Rs 505.75
Capsule for CSIR NET Life Science: CSIR Unit Wise Sorted Questions (15 Years) 2000 Model Question and Answer with Explanation (PB) Kar, Debasish et al 2018 Rs 595.00
Compendium on Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership in 10 Vols (PB) Sengupta, Sunita Singh 2018 Rs 10200.00
Computing and Emerging Trends: A Handbook (PB) Paul, P K et al 2018 Rs 595.00
Contemporary Issues in Agriculture Environment and Rural Development in India Vol 1 (PB) Moktan, Anamika 2017 Rs 675.75
Contemporary Social Issues of India Sinha, Shalini & Nandini Sahay 2018 Rs 340.00
Demonetisation: A Historical Review Sarkar, Shivaji 2018 Rs 403.75
Disease Management Practices in Crops (PB) Srinivasan, V M & Daniel Jebaraj M 2018 Rs 233.75
Economics of Higher Education in Jammu and Kashmir Ahmad, Rais & Mohd Iqbal Rather, Mohd Irfan Rais 2018 Rs 505.75
Educating the Marginalized: Right Based Inclusive Education (PB) Dutta, Indrajeet 2017 Rs 420.75
Education and Enlightened Society (PB) Opara, Jacinta A et al 2017 Rs 935.00
Education for Peace and Harmony (PB) Prakash, Ved et al 2017 Rs 675.75
Emerging Issues in Environmental Science: Concerns and Management Padhy, Pratap Kumar et al 2017 Rs 845.75
Emerging Trends in Education (PB) Shakir, Mohd 2018 Rs 297.50
Financial Accounting Ahmed, Naseem et al 2018 Rs 340.00
Gambusia Holbrooki: An Aquatic Pest Singh, Nirmal et al 2017 Rs 382.50
Genetics and Cytogenetics JRF ICAR NET and SRF Examinations (PB) Chakraborty, Soumendra 2016 Rs 212.50
Geology and Mineral Resources of Goa Dessai, Ashoka G 2018 Rs 1610.75
Grid and Cloud Computing (PB) Venkataraman, Neelanarayanan et al 2018 Rs 297.50
Guide Book for Training the Rural Youths Chowdhury, Sarthak & Prabuddha Ray 2017 Rs 510.00
Handbook of Multiple Choice Question for MBA OMR Based Examination (PB) Jaiswal, Kripa S 2018 Rs 424.15
Higher Education: Equity and Quality Issues (PB) Mete, Jayanta & S J N Patra 2017 Rs 595.00
Human Rights and Social Justice Agricultural Issues and Concerns (PB) Mondal, Bholanath et al 2018 Rs 467.50
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