Title Author Year Price  
Abandoned: The Dark Reality of Homeless Women Sachdeva, Satinder Kaur 2016 Rs 845.75
Bharatiya Lokik Chintan aur Charwaak Maurya, Devi Prasad 2005 Rs 255.00
Bindings of Womanhood Arora, Asha 0 Rs 212.50
Biologic Markers in Reproductive Toxicology Board on Environmental Studies 1989 $ 23.76
Complete Birds of the World Harris, Tim 2009 $ 39.06
Critical Space: Studies in Literature Theory Nationalism and Diaspora Singh, Majit Inder 2005 Rs 488.75
Cutting Edge Technologies National Academy of Engineering 1983 $ 16.11
Echoing Grove: Poems and Paintings Gupta, Sangeeta 2005 Rs 340.00
Edible: An Illustrated Guide to the Worlds Food Plants Doggett, Dannielle 2014 $ 42.46
Egypt in a Changing World Pasha, A K 2003 Rs 425.00
Elementary Computer Applications Lall, Shubhi 2007 Rs 845.75
Emergence of Second Chamber in India Tripathi, R C 2002 Rs 467.50
Entrepreneurship Development in India Ghosh, Bishwanath 0 Rs 425.00
Eugene O'Neill: A Critical Spectrum Maheshwari, Vinod Kumar ed 2005 Rs 488.75
Guide to Medicinal Herbs the Worlds Most Johnson, Rebecca L et al 2014 $ 34.00
Higher Fidelity: A Study of Camus and Bhagavada Gita Chandra, Sharad 0 Rs 212.50
Ideas of Humanist Culture Jatava, D R 2000 Rs 425.00
Indian Literature in English Transition Naikar, Basavaraj 2005 Rs 595.00
Indigenous Drugs of India: Short Descriptive Notices of the Principal Medicinal Products Met with in British India Dey, Kanny Lall & William Mair 2012 Rs 2252.50
Managerial Economics Barla, C S 2000 Rs 403.75
Plant Virus Diseases of Agricultural Crops Smith, K M ed 2012 Rs 807.50
Political Philosophy of B R Ambedkar Jatava, D R 2001 Rs 340.00
Political Theory: Traditonal and Modern Theory Das, Hari Hara & B C Choudhary 1999 Rs 573.75
Politics of B R Ambedkar in National Movement Jatava, D R 2002 Rs 297.50
Pratinaad: Kavitaayein evam Chitra Gupta, Sangeeta 2005 Rs 340.00
Project Management Sharma, K R 2004 Rs 467.50
Rajnitik Chintan ki Rooprekha (An Introduction to Political Thought) Gaba, Om Prakash 2007 Rs 382.50
Sea Level Change: Studies in Geophysics Geophysical Study Committee 1990 $ 25.46
Seeds Production: Vegetables and Root Crops Boswell, V R et al 2012 Rs 1147.50
Sustaining Our Water Resources National Research Council 1993 $ 21.25
Treasures of Indian Art Heritage: A Passage from Sindhu Saraswati to the Ganges Parimal Prakash 2005 Rs 382.50
Trees of Northern Bengal: Including Shrubs Woody Climbers Bamboos Palms and tree Ferns Cowan, Adeline & John Macqueen Cowan 2012 Rs 807.50
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