Title Author Year Price  
Animal Husbandry Jha, Arunabh 2018 Rs 1912.50
Biologic Markers in Reproductive Toxicology Board on Environmental Studies 1989 $ 23.76
Buddhism and Ethics Tiwari, Krishna Murli 2018 Rs 1865.75
Chinas Aid to Africa Singh, Anjana 2018 Rs 1912.50
Complete Birds of the World Harris, Tim 2009 $ 39.06
Customer Relationship Management Singh, Kavita 2018 Rs 1865.75
Cutting Edge Technologies (PB) National Academy of Engineering 1983 $ 16.11
Devolution in UK Garg, Reeta 2018 Rs 1827.50
Economic Geography Ojha, R N 2018 Rs 1912.50
Edible: An Illustrated Guide to the World's Food Plants Madison, Deborah 2008 $ 34.00
Edible: An Illustrated Guide to the Worlds Food Plants Doggett, Dannielle 2014 $ 42.46
Educational Psychology Bhargava, S K 2018 Rs 1865.75
Environmental Science Chaturvedi, Krishna 2018 Rs 1912.50
Essentials of Veterinary Histology and Embryology 3rd ed (PB) Ghosh, R K 2017 Rs 297.50
Handbook of Halal Food Production Sharma, Veena 2018 Rs 1865.75
History of Great Britain Acharya, Ashutosh 2018 Rs 1912.50
Human Resource Management Awasthi, Anupama 2018 Rs 1865.75
Indigenous Drugs of India: Short Descriptive Notices of the Principal Medicinal Products Met with in British India Dey, Kanny Lall & William Mair 2012 Rs 2252.50
Library and Information Science Goswami, Biswapati 2018 Rs 1865.75
Managerial Economics Barla, C S 2000 Rs 403.75
National Parks and Wildlife Reserves of India: Natural Wonders of India and Nepal Chowdhury, Biswajit Roy et al 2002 Rs 1275.00
Pictorial Field Guide to Brids of India: Pakistan Nepal Bhutan Sri Lanka and Bangladesh (PB) Grewal, Bikram et al 2016 Rs 1275.00
Positive Psychology Bhargava, S K 2018 Rs 1912.50
Primary Veterinary Anatomy 7th edn (PB) Ghosh, R K 2018 Rs 399.50
Research Methods in Environmental Economics Sundar, I 2017 Rs 2120.75
Social Psychology Bhargava, S K 2018 Rs 1912.50
Sovereign Credit Rating Chawala, Anshul 2018 Rs 1865.75
Sustaining Our Water Resources National Research Council 1993 $ 21.25
United Arab Emirates: Power Politics and Policy Making Garg, Pooja 2018 Rs 1827.50
Variation and Evolution in Plants and Microorganisms: Towards New Synthesis 50 Years After Stebbins (PB) Ayala, Francisco J et al 2000 $ 20.40
Vibrations and Waves in Physics 3nd edn (PB) Main, Lain G 2002 Rs 420.75
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