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Title Author Year Price  
Administration of Health Schemes Reddy, B Konda 2018 Rs 1015.75
Advent of Islam in India Kumar, Raj 2018 Rs 1147.50
Ageing Population Kumar, K Ravi et al 2018 Rs 1003.00
Agrarian India Rehman, M M 2018 Rs 1695.75
Ancient Indian History and Literature Kumar, Raj 2018 Rs 2966.50
Babar to Humayun Kumar, Raj 2018 Rs 2371.50
Breathe @ At Risk: Smog Invisibility and Air Inequity Brar, Kuljeet Kaur 2018 Rs 807.50
Buddhism: Rise and Growth Pruthi, R K 2018 Rs 2290.75
E Resources Usage in Technical University Libraries Sujatha, S 2018 Rs 1185.75
Gender: Concept Context and Impact Chauhan, Poonam S 2018 Rs 722.50
Hindu Civiliztion and Culture Pruthi, R K 2018 Rs 2120.75
HIV/AIDS and Women Radhika, K & R V K Naidu 2018 Rs 1508.75
Human Trafficking in India Naik, C N Krishna 2018 Rs 926.50
Industrial Management Ahuja, Shagun & Rawat, Nidhi 2018 Rs 2545.75
Islam: Faith and Belief Pruthi, R K 2018 Rs 1525.75
Jainism: Truth and Culture Pruthi, R K 2018 Rs 2120.75
Language Teaching in Mother Tonge Kamat, H D 2018 Rs 760.75
Marketing Management: Theorerical and Practical Implications Singh, Ajit et al 2018 Rs 1487.50
Methods of Teaching Language and Linguistics Kamat, H D 2018 Rs 845.75
Mode of Library Services Towards Digital World Kaur, Rajwant 2018 Rs 1402.50
Modern Indian Drama Vootikanti, Madhavi 2018 Rs 637.50
Myths from Northeast India: Functional Perspective of Galo Myths in a Changing Context Doye, Eli 2018 Rs 1015.75
Politics of Maoism and Child Rights: Issues and Challenges in India and Nepal Meher, Rajesh Kumar 2018 Rs 1011.50
Shah Jahan to Aurangzeb Kumar, Raj 2018 Rs 2286.50
Sikhs and Sikhism Pruthi, R K 2018 Rs 2120.75
Society Economy and Education of the Deprived Rehman, M M & K Rehman 2018 Rs 2970.75
Society SHG Scheme and Empowerment: A Northeast Experience Behera, M C 2018 Rs 930.75
State and Insurgency: Sixty Years of AFSPA in Assam Hatiboruah, Diganta 2018 Rs 935.00
Teaching Language in Colleges and Universities Kamat, H D 2018 Rs 1015.75
Teaching Language in Elementary Schools Kamat, H D 2018 Rs 977.50
Teaching Language in Secondary Schools Kamat, H D 2018 Rs 1147.50
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