Title Author Year Price  
Advances in Limnology Singh, H R ed 1993 Rs 2120.75
Agricultural Technology Application: For Enhancing Productivity Singh, A K et al 2016 Rs 2800.75
Aquaculture Management Gowami, Umesh C & Dilip Kumar 2009 Rs 2545.75
Aquaculture Management Techniques Felix, S 2007 Rs 1015.75
Basics of Fisheries Science: Fisheries Biology Vol. 2 Badapanda, K C 2012 Rs 1440.75
Basics of Fisheries Science: Vol. 3 Fishing Craft and Gear Technology Badapanda, K C 2012 Rs 1100.75
Basics of Fisheries Science: Vol. 4 Fish Processing and Preventive Technology Badapanda, K C 2012 Rs 1100.75
Basics of Fisheries Science: Vol. 5 Fisheries Economics and Administration Badapanda, K C 2012 Rs 1100.75
Beekeeping for Health and Livelihoods Belsare, D K 2010 Rs 760.75
Botany of Horticultural Crops Ponnuswami, V et al 2012 Rs 1525.75
Breeding of Underutilized Fruit Crops in 2 Vols Ghosh, S N 2015 Rs 5095.75
Breeding of Vegetable Crops Ramachandran, R K 2013 Rs 1270.75
Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture Management in 2 Vols Gopakumar, K & A D Diwan 2011 Rs 8495.75
Comparative Anatomy of the Alimentary Canal of Common Freshwater Fishes and their Food and Feeding Habits Nath, Surendra et al 2014 Rs 1610.75
Cultivable Aquatic Organisms (PB) Sundararaj, V & B Srikrishnadhas 2000 Rs 250.75
Fish and Fisheries of North Eastern India Arunachal Pradesh Nath, Pranab & S C Dey 2000 Rs 1695.75
Fish and Fisheries of North Eastern States of India Sinha, Maniranjan 2011 Rs 1015.75
Fish Biology Srivastava, C B L 1999 Rs 1185.75
Fish Cancer by Enviornmental Pollutants Pandey, Govind et al 2014 Rs 1100.75
Fish Diseases Mondal, Mrityunjoy & Shailendra Singh 2016 Rs 1355.75
Fish Diseases 1st ed (PB) Mondal, Mrityunjoy & Shailendra Singh 2015 Rs 335.75
Fish Processing Technology and Product Development Ninawe, A S & K Rathnakumar 2008 Rs 3395.75
Fisheries Governance and Legislation in India Pandey 2014 Rs 1015.75
Fisheries Resource and Production Statistics of NE States of India: An Analytical Value Added Presentation Roy, A K & A D Upadhyay 2014 Rs 2290.75
Fisheries Resources and Food Security Saxena, Amita 2014 Rs 1440.75
Fishes: Living and Fossil An Outline of their Forms and Probable Relationships Dean, Bashford 2015 Rs 1270.75
Forest Entomology: Emerging Issues and Dimensions Rahman, Mujeeb & Mary Anto 2014 Rs 1610.75
Freshwater Fishes of the Indian Region 2nd edn Jayaram, K C 2010 Rs 3140.75
Guide on Objective Biotechnology Boopathi, N Manikanda & M Raveendran 2011 Rs 1015.75
Guidebook for Diseases of Horticultural Crops: Diseases of Fruits Ornamental Plantation Spices Medicinal Forests Chakrabarti, D K et al 2010 Rs 250.75
Handbook of Economic Entomology for South India Ayyar, T V Ramakrishna 1992 Rs 2120.75
Handbook of Fish Farming 2nd edn Agarwal, S C 2015 Rs 1015.75
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