Title Author Year Price  
Advances in Food Processing Technology Tripathi, M K & S Mangaraj 2013 Rs 2970.75
Agricultural Extension and Rural Development SIngh, Dan & B K Singh 2011 Rs 1610.75
Aquaculture: Procedures and Practices Agarwal, S C 2018 Rs 3905.75
Basics of Fisheries Science: Vol. 1 Aquaculture Badapanda, K C 2012 Rs 1865.75
Basics of Fisheries Science: Vol. 2 Fisheries Biology Badapanda, K C 2012 Rs 2460.75
Basics of Fisheries Science: Vol. 3 Fishing Craft and Gear Technology Badapanda, K C 2012 Rs 1865.75
Basics of Fisheries Science: Vol. 4 Fish Processing and Preventive Technology Badapanda, K C 2012 Rs 1865.75
Basics of Fisheries Science: Vol. 5 Fisheries Economics and Administration Badapanda, K C 2012 Rs 1865.75
Basics of Wildlife Health Care and Management Jain, Rajesh 2012 Rs 3395.75
Biodiversity Environment and Ecology Vol 2 Pandey, P N et al 2017 Rs 3310.75
Biotechnological Applications in Fish Seed Production Betsy, C Judith et al 2017 Rs 2460.75
Botany of Horticultural Crops Ponnuswami, V et al 2012 Rs 2460.75
Breeding of Vegetable Crops R K, Ramachandran 2013 Rs 2460.75
Concepts of Farm Machinery and Power Mandal, Dipankar 2017 Rs 1610.75
Degradation of Ethical Values in Society Satapathy, C & Sabita Mishra 2018 Rs 2120.75
Econometrics in 2 Vols Kumar, K N Ravi 2018 Rs 6795.75
Environmental Issues: Awareness Concerns and Management Zargar, U R & M I Rather 2018 Rs 2545.75
Environmental Parasitology: Parasites and Emerging Biological Indicators Zargar, U R 2018 Rs 2545.75
Fish and Fisheries of North Eastern States of India Sinha, Maniranjan 2011 Rs 1695.75
Fish Biology Srivastava, C B L 2008 Rs 1865.75
Fish Diseases Mondal, Mrityunjoy & Shailendra Singh 2016 Rs 1610.75
Fish Introduction in India: Status Potentials and Challenges Lakra, W S et al eds 2008 Rs 3310.75
Food Processing and Quality Control Ganguly, Subha 2014 Rs 845.75
Freshwater Fishes of the Indian Region 2nd edn Jayaram, K C 2010 Rs 3990.75
Fruit Tree Physiology Dhillon, W S & Z A Bhat 2015 Rs 2800.75
Fundamentals of Fish Taxonomy Jayaram, K C 2017 Rs 1610.75
Fundamentals of Ichthyology Biswas, S P 2002 Rs 1185.75
Glossary of Extension Education: Veterinary Agriculture and Fisheries Science Meena, H R 2013 Rs 1355.75
Guide on Objective Biotechnology Boopathi, N Manikanda & M Raveendran 2011 Rs 1610.75
Guidebook for Diseases of Horticultural Crops: Diseases of Fruits Ornamental Plantation Spices Medicinal Forests Chakrabarti, D K et al 2010 Rs 420.75
Handbook of Economic Entomology for South India Ayyar, T V Ramakrishna 1992 Rs 2970.75
Handbook of Fish Farming 2nd edn Agarwal, S C 2015 Rs 1695.75
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