Title Author Year Price  
Advances in Food Processing Technology Tripathi, M K & S Mangaraj 2013 Rs 2970.75
Agricultural Extension and Rural Development SIngh, Dan & B K Singh 2011 Rs 1610.75
Aquaculture Management Techniques Felix, S 2007 Rs 1440.75
Biotechnological Techniques Singh 2011 Rs 1695.75
Botany of Horticultural Crops Ponnuswami, V et al 2012 Rs 2460.75
Breeding of Underutilized Fruit Crops in 2 Vols Ghosh, S N 2015 Rs 8495.75
Breeding of Vegetable Crops R K, Ramachandran 2013 Rs 2460.75
Catfishes of India Jayaram, K C 2006 Rs 3990.75
Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture Management in 2 Vols Gopakumar, K & A D Diwan 2011 Rs 11045.75
Comparative Anatomy of the Alimentary Canal of Common Freshwater Fishes and their Food and Feeding Habits Nath, Surendra et al 2014 Rs 2460.75
Fish and Fisheries of North Eastern States of India Sinha, Maniranjan 2011 Rs 1695.75
Fish Biology Srivastava, C B L 2008 Rs 1865.75
Fish Diseases Mondal, Mrityunjoy & Shailendra Singh 2016 Rs 1610.75
Fish Introduction in India: Status Potentials and Challenges Lakra, W S et al eds 2008 Rs 3310.75
Fisheries Biotechnology Lakra, W S et al eds 2008 Rs 3310.75
Fisheries Sociology of Indian Sunderbans Pramanik 2012 Rs 1100.75
Food Processing and Quality Control Ganguly, Subha 2014 Rs 845.75
Forest Entomology: Emerging Issues and Dimensions Rahman, Mujeeb & Mary Anto 2014 Rs 2800.75
Freshwater Fishes of the Indian Region 2nd edn Jayaram, K C 2010 Rs 3990.75
Fruit Production in India Dhillon, W S 2013 Rs 8495.75
Fruit Tree Physiology Dhillon, W S & Z A Bhat 2015 Rs 2800.75
Fundamentals of Agriculture Engineering Kale, M U & M S Supe 2012 Rs 1865.75
Glossary of Extension Education: Veterinary Agriculture and Fisheries Science Meena, H R 2013 Rs 1355.75
Guide on Objective Biotechnology Boopathi, N Manikanda & M Raveendran 2011 Rs 1610.75
Guidebook for Diseases of Horticultural Crops: Diseases of Fruits Ornamental Plantation Spices Medicinal Forests Chakrabarti, D K et al 2010 Rs 420.75
Handbook of Economic Entomology for South India Ayyar, T V Ramakrishna 1992 Rs 2970.75
Handbook of Fish Farming 2nd edn Agarwal, S C 2015 Rs 1695.75
Handbook of Fisheries Management Krishna Chandra, Badapanda 2014 Rs 1950.75
Impact of Climate Change on Fruit Crops Dhillon, W S & P S Aulakh 2011 Rs 3310.75
Industrial Microbiology: A Textbook Anitha, K G 2012 Rs 1610.75
Intellectual Property Rights and Biotechnology: Biosafety and Bioethics Singh, Anupam & Ashwani Singh 2012 Rs 1610.75
Laboratory Techniques of Basic Microbiology for the Beginners Muzaddadi, A U 2013 Rs 1610.75
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