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Abiotic and Biotic Stress Management in Plants Vol 1: Abiotic Stress Sinha, Bhav Kumar & Reena 2019 Rs 2120.75
Abiotic and Biotic Stress Management in Plants Vol 2: Biotic Stress Sinha, Bhav Kumar et al 2019 Rs 2120.75
Abiotic Stress and Physiological Process in Plants Bhattacharya, A 2017 Rs 3060.00
Advances in Preservation and Processing Technologies of Fruits and Vegetables Rajarathnam, S & R S Ramteke 2011 Rs 3400.00
Agricultural Economics (PB) Meena, Lokesh K et al 2018 Rs 420.75
Agricultural Extension: Worldwide Innovations Saravanan, R 2008 Rs 1572.50
Agricultural Plant Biochemistry Nagaraj, G 2015 Rs 1785.00
Agro Informatics Vanitha, G & M Kalpana 2011 Rs 1275.00
Agroforestry for Increased Production and Livelihood Security Gupta, Sushil Kumar et al 2017 Rs 3230.00
Agroforestry Systems for Resources Conservation and Livelihood Security in Lower Himalayas Panwar, Pankaj et al 2012 Rs 1912.50
Agroforestry: Principles and Practices Patra, A K 2013 Rs 1275.00
Agrometeorology: A Simplified Textbook Kathiresan, G 2015 Rs 1062.50
Agronomy: Principles and Practices Somasundaram, E & M Mohamed Amanullah 2017 Rs 1270.75
Agronomy: Principles and Practices (PB) Somasundaram, E & M Mohamed Amanullah 2018 Rs 250.75
Applied Veterinary Andrology and Frozen Semen Technology Shukla, M K 2011 Rs 807.50
Aromatic Plants Vol 1 Skaria, Baby P et al 2007 Rs 3187.50
Avian Pathology: A Colour Handbook Sharma, Ravindra Nath & Neelesh Sharma 2018 Rs 3060.00
Basics of Environmental Science and Engineering Sivashanmugam, P 2007 Rs 841.50
Basics of Horticulture 3rd revised ed Peter, K V ed 2018 Rs 3060.00
Biometrical Methods in Horticultural Sciences Sharma, Nirmal et al 2016 Rs 1530.00
Bougainvillea Datta, S K et al 2017 Rs 2465.00
Breeding of Horticultural Crops: Principles and Practices 3rd revised ed (PB) Kumar, N 2018 Rs 335.75
Canine Cancer Maiti, Swapan Kumar 2018 Rs 2375.75
Cereals: Processing and Nutritional Quality Ram, Sewa & B Mishra 2010 Rs 1912.50
Chemistry of Soil Constituents Greenland, D J & M H B Hayes 2015 Rs 3395.75
Climate Change and Agroforestry: Adaptation, Mitigation and Livelihood Security Pandey, C B et al 2018 Rs 3140.75
Climate Change and Environment: Concepts and Strategies to Mitigate Impacts Sharma, Devesh, Sharma, K C 2016 Rs 1950.75
Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture Kumar, P Suresh et al 2017 Rs 3060.00
Climate Resilient Agriculture: Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies Bhan, Manish et al 2019 Rs 2295.00
Climate Resilient Animal Agriculture Rao, G S L H V Prasada et al 2018 Rs 2545.75
Colour Handbook on Rainfed Rabi Crops: Protection Constraints and Mitigation Strategies Reena et al 2019 Rs 1865.75
Commercial Crops Technology Kurian, Alice & K V Peter 2007 Rs 3825.00
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