Title Author Year Price  
Acid Soils: Their Chemistry and Management Sarkar, A K ed 2013 Rs 1827.50
Advances in Soil Borne Plant Diseases Naik, M K & G S Devika Rani eds 2008 Rs 2167.50
Agricultural Plant Biochemistry Nagaraj, G 2015 Rs 1785.00
Agricultural Statistics: A Guide for Competitive Examinations (PB) Kushwaha, K S 2012 Rs 467.50
Agroforestry: Systems and Practices Puri, Sunil & Pankaj Panwar eds 2007 Rs 3570.00
Analytical Techniques in Animal Nutrition Research Prabhu, T M & K Chandrapal Singh 2012 Rs 845.75
Animal Breeding and Genetics Singh, C V 2015 Rs 1232.50
Applied Veterinary Andrology and Frozen Semen Technology Shukla, M K 2011 Rs 807.50
Artificial Insemination and Treatment of Infertility in Dairy Animals Honnappagol, Suresh S & M K Tandle 2010 Rs 1270.75
Basics of Horticulture 2nd Revised edn (PB) Peter, K V ed 2015 Rs 841.50
Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Gajera, H P et al 2014 Rs 2252.50
Biological Sciences: Innovations and Dynamics Sinha, Rajeshwar P et al eds 2015 Rs 3357.50
Bougainvillea Datta, S K et al 2017 Rs 2465.00
Colour Handbook on Practical Plant Pathology Yadav, Vijay 2015 Rs 1695.75
Dairy Plant Management Puranik, D B 2014 Rs 1062.50
Diseases of FIeld Crops and their Integrated Management Kumar, Sanjeev 2016 Rs 3650.75
Diseases of Horticultural Crops: Identification & Management Kumar, Sanjeev 2014 Rs 1950.75
Diseases of Vegetable Crops and their Integrated Management: A Colour Handbook Mishra, R K et al 2012 Rs 1487.50
Ecologically Based Integrated Pest Management in 2 Vols Abrol, D P & Uma Shankar eds 2012 Rs 4122.50
Elements of Entomology Devasahayam, H Lewin 2014 Rs 2252.50
Essential Oils and their Applications Das, Kuntal 2013 Rs 1950.75
Farm Machinery and Power: Glossary Power, Ashok G & Vijay V Aware 2007 Rs 1232.50
Fat Rich Dairy Products Thompkinson, D K & Satish Kumar ┬áM H 2015 Rs 1785.00
Fish Fermentation: Traditional to Modern Approaches (PB) Baishya, Debabrat & Manab Deka 2009 Rs 637.50
Flowering Trees Vol 12 Valsalakumari, P K et al 2008 Rs 2677.50
Food Engineering and Technology: A Practice Book (PB) Sharma, H K 2015 Rs 807.50
Food Process Engineering and Technology Pare, Akash & B L Mandhyan 2011 Rs 2040.00
Fruit Crops Vol 3: Horticulture Science Series Radha, T & L Mathew 2007 Rs 3825.00
GIS: Fundamentals Applications and Implementations Elangovan, K 2006 Rs 807.50
Handbook of Genetics and Biotechnology: A Compendium for JRF SRF ARS NET SET UG and PG Students Revised and Expanded 2nd edn Tomar, Rukam S et al 2014 Rs 1232.50
Handbook of Minerals Crystals Rocks and Ores Alexander, Pramod O 2009 Rs 2465.00
Handbook of Rabbit Production and Management (PB) Rajeshwari, Y B et al 2011 Rs 637.50
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