Title Author Year Price  
Complete Book on Biodegradable Plastics and Polymers: RecentDevelopments Properties Analysis Materials and Processes NIIR 2006 Rs 1083.75
Complete Book on Emulsifiers with Uses Formulae and Process2nd Revised edn NPCS 2014 Rs 1190.00
Complete Book on Ferrous Non Ferrous Metals with Casting andForging Technology NIIR 2005 Rs 1338.75
Complete Book on Glass and Ceramics Technology NIIR 2006 Rs 1083.75
Complete Book on Water Soluble Gums and Resins Panda, H 2011 Rs 1423.75
Complete Book on Wine Production Panda, H 2011 Rs 1933.75
Complete Technology Book on Adhesives Glues and Resins Technology NPCS 2007 Rs 1232.50
Complete Technology Book on Cocoa Chocolates Ice Creams and Other Milk Products NIIR 2005 Rs 1083.75
Complete Technology Book on Expanded Plastics Polyurethane Polyamide and Polyester Fibres NIIR 2006 Rs 1083.75
Complete Technology Book on Flavour Fragrances and Perfumes NPCS 2008 Rs 1423.75
Complete Technology Book on Herbal Perfumes and Cosmetics Panda, Himadri 2005 Rs 1083.75
Complete Technology Book on Minerals and Mineral Processing NPCS 2008 Rs 1870.00
Complete Technology Book on Printing Inks NIIR 2005 Rs 850.00
Complete Technology Book on Snack Foods Panda, Himadri 2005 Rs 1253.75
Complete Technology Book on Steel and Steel Products: Fasteners Seamless Tubes Casting Rolling of Flat Products NPCS 2008 Rs 1381.25
Complete Technology Book on Vermiculture and Vermicompost NIIR 2005 Rs 637.50
Handbook on Biogas and Its Applications NIIR 2005 Rs 828.75
Handbook on Cosmetics: Processes Formulae with Testing Methods Singh, S K 2010 Rs 1423.75
Handbook on Natural Dyes for Industrial Applications Vankar, Padma S 2007 Rs 935.00
Handbook on Printing Technology: Offset Gravure Flexo and Screen 2nd Revised edn NIIR 2005 Rs 1083.75
Handbook on Spices NIIR 2005 Rs 828.75
Leather Processing and Tanning Technology Handbook NIIR 2005 Rs 1190.00
Manufacture of Biofertilizer and Organic Farming Panda, H 2011 Rs 828.75
Modern Technology of Paints Vanishes and Lacquers NIIR 2005 Rs 913.75
Modern Technology of Perfumes Flavours and Essential Oils 2nd edn NIIR 2005 Rs 828.75
Modern Technology of Petroleum Greases Lubricants and Petrochemicals NIIR 2005 Rs 1593.75
Modern Technology of Soaps Detergents and Toiletries with Formulae and Project Profiles 4th Revised edn Chattopadhyay, P K 2016 Rs 1083.75
Perfumes and Flavours Technology Handbook Panda, H 2010 Rs 1593.75
Products from Waste: Industrial and Agro Waste 2nd edn NIIR 2005 Rs 828.75
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