Title Author Year Price  
After Vajpayee Who? Sharma, S R 2004 Rs 297.50
Agro Based Industries: Problems and Prospects Joshi, G V 2002 Rs 297.50
Air Pollution Jain, Kanika 2007 Rs 505.75
Assam mein Nirjatiya Sangharsh aur Bharatiya Suraksha Kumar, Sanjay 0 Rs 552.50
Biological Diversity and Conservation Husain, Ahmad 2006 Rs 425.00
Changing Bases of Federal Units in India: A Historical Survey in 2 Vols Patil, S H 2006 Rs 1525.75
Child Care: Health and Nursing Kumar, Arvind 2007 Rs 1015.75
Christian Missions Missionaries and Indian Society: A SocioEconomic Study Bhattacharya, S K 1999 Rs 510.00
Communication Management in Journalism Singh, Manoj Kumar 2007 Rs 505.75
Dictionary of Economics Mahajan, Manoj ed 2005 Rs 276.25
Dictionary of Geography Bhatia, Praveen 2005 Rs 335.75
Dictionary of History Mathur, Supriya 2005 Rs 335.75
Dictionary of Psychology Singh, S ed 2005 Rs 420.75
Dictionary of Sociology Kumar, Amit 2005 Rs 335.75
Ecology Economy and Tribal Development Kolay, Swapan Kumar 2001 Rs 391.00
Economic Thought of Dr B R Ambedkar Heggade, Odeyar D 1998 Rs 361.25
Educating the Mentally Disabled Misra, Bhawna 2002 Rs 382.50
Education and Child Development Misra, Bhawna 1999 Rs 420.75
Education and Rehabilitation of Mentally Handicapped Rahman, Azibur 2005 Rs 297.50
Elites and Power Structure in Rural India Kumar, Ramesh 2004 Rs 238.00
Encyclopaedic Survey of the Land and People in 6 Vols Moncrieff, B R Hope 2002 Rs 7650.00
Environment Oriented Primary Scienc Education Jana, Bijay Krishna 2004 Rs 467.50
Evolution of Christianity O'Brien, John A 1999 Rs 510.00
Finance and Economic: Dynamism Mathur, B L 2000 Rs 510.00
Finance and Economic: Reform Mathur, B L 2000 Rs 510.00
Fundamentals of Sex Education: A Life Span Approach Rahman, Azibur 2004 Rs 340.00
Gandhi and Indian Villages Desai, Mahadev 2002 Rs 297.50
Handbook of Journalism Sharma, M S 2002 Rs 420.75
Handbook of Teaching for Physical Disabled Misra, Bhawna 2002 Rs 340.00
History and Development of Publishing in the Modern World Fernandes, S 2007 Rs 505.75
History of Modern India Pruthi, Raj Kumar 2005 Rs 590.75
Human Resource Development and Labour Welfare Panigrahy, Rajib Lochan 2002 Rs 195.50
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