Title Author Year Price  
Advanced Mathematics (PB) G, Srinivasa 2016 Rs 250.75
Animal Sciences: The Biology Care and Production of Domestic Animals 4th edn 2013 Rs 1525.75
Bacterial Metabolism (PB) Rustagi, Monika 2016 Rs 420.75
Biotechnology Daugherty, Ellyn 2015 Rs 1015.75
Biotechnology: A Textbook of Industrial Microbiology 3rd edn (PB) Crueger, Wulf & Anneliese Crueger 2017 Rs 590.75
Botany: Agricultural Applications Singh, Rajender 2017 Rs 420.75
Calculus of Variations (PB) Sharma, R K 2017 Rs 250.75
Concepts of Molecular Genetics (PB) Singh, K P 2016 Rs 335.75
Control System Engineering 2nd ed (PB) Satyanarayana, P S 2017 Rs 335.75
Course in Real Analysis (PB) Ahmed, Sayad Ali 2016 Rs 335.75
Essentials of Economic Botany Prasad, R L 2016 Rs 335.75
Farm Power and Machinery Management 10th edn Hunt, Donnell 2013 Rs 845.75
Flower and Plant Production: Greenhouse Management (PB) Singh, Rajinder 2016 Rs 420.75
Food Microbiology: An Introduction Adam, M & Dick M 2014 Rs 2545.75
Fundamentals of Agriculture Mustafee, Sourajit 2014 Rs 361.25
Fundamentals of Enzyme Kinetics 3rd ed (PB) Bowden, A C 2017 Rs 420.75
Gene Expression in Animal Development (PB) Choubey, D N & D K Bhardwaj 2016 Rs 335.75
Global Warming and Climate Change (PB) Roy, M K Ghosh 2016 Rs 335.75
Handbook of Chemical Industries (PB) Vishwanathan, P 2016 Rs 505.75
Introduction to Forests and Renewable Resources 8th ed (PB) Hendee, John C et al 2017 Rs 845.75
Introduction to Horticulture Arora, P S 2016 Rs 1100.75
Introduction to Horticulture (PB) Arora, P S 2016 Rs 335.75
Manual of Fishers: Ichthyology Fish Biology and Aquaculture Callicott, J Baird & Roger T Ames eds 2015 Rs 420.75
Mathematics in Agriculture (PB) Sharma, Rajeev K 2017 Rs 335.75
Microbiology Handbook of Dairy Products Fernandes, Rhea ed 2017 Rs 845.75
Microbiology Handbook of Fish and Seafood Fernandes, Rhea ed 2017 Rs 845.75
Microbiology Handbook of Meat Products Fernandes, Rhea ed 2017 Rs 1100.75
Mineral Nutrition of Plants (PB) Sood, B S 2016 Rs 505.75
Modern Fruit Production (PB) Baruah, S D 2017 Rs 420.75
Objective Agricultural Microbiology at a Glance (PB) Verma, D.K. & Balaram Mohapatra 2015 Rs 148.75
Pest Control in Gardening Plants (PB) Aggarwal, B S 2016 Rs 335.75
Physiology of Flowering Plants: Growth and Development (PB) Chandra, Namita & A K Chauhan 2016 Rs 335.75
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