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Title Author Year Price  
Concepts of Economic Development Kriplani, Rohit 2016 Rs 1185.75
Critical Pursuit Selected Essays in Literature Bharathi, Thummapudi 2016 Rs 1147.50
Critical Responses to South Asian Women Writers Gupta, Poonam Rani 2016 Rs 1015.75
Facets of Love in the Poetry of Thomas Kapoor, Anil S 2016 Rs 1147.50
Issues and Challenges in Human Rights in Contemporary India: A Multi Dimentional Approach in 2 vols Arora, Neelam et al 2016 Rs 3825.00
Online Advertising Supply and Chain Marketing Nadkarni, Savita Santosh 2016 Rs 1270.75
Personality Development and Life Management Malpani, Anupama 2016 Rs 1355.75
R K Narayan's The Guide and MalgudiDays and their Adaptations: A Comparision Shukla, Parag H 2016 Rs 1865.75
Research Methods Mahajan, Sumit 2016 Rs 1440.75
Vision 2020 Leveraging Make in India in 3 vols Arora, Neelam et al 2016 Rs 4717.50
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