Title Author Year Price  
Basic Bacteriology Tandel, Ritesh J et al 2018 Rs 590.75
Cell Biology Chhazllani, V K 2018 Rs 1232.50
Classical Political Philosophy Samuel, Sujata 2018 Rs 1100.75
Colonialism and Nationalism in India Verma, Ambika Prasad 2018 Rs 1147.50
Comparative Political Analysis and International Politics Verma, Ambika Prasad 2018 Rs 1232.50
Constitutional Development and National Movement in Indiamang Nirala, S L 2018 Rs 1083.75
Development Issues in Indian Economy Saidapur, Sharanappa 2018 Rs 1185.75
Development Process and Social Movement in Contemporary India Ashappa, Chinna 2018 Rs 1062.50
Dialectics of Suppression and Resistance in Dalit Self Narratives Banjare, Mani Ram 2018 Rs 760.75
Econometric Applications Bhowmik, Debesh 2018 Rs 1232.50
English Language Teaching Moral Values and Globalization Sharma, Ram & Gunjan Agarwal 2018 Rs 845.75
Entrepreneurship and Skills Development Rasure, K A & Lagashetty Jagannath M 2018 Rs 1147.50
Forest Ecology and Economic Botany Pahare, Shikha 2016 Rs 1232.50
Gender in Indian Hisotry B G, Anantha 2018 Rs 1100.75
Handbook of Shrimp Farming Tandel, Ritesh J & Ansari Ekhalak 2018 Rs 590.75
History of Modern Europe 1789-1945 B G, Anantha 2018 Rs 1232.50
Indian Constitution Social Justice in Administration in India Anchal, kanti 2018 Rs 1100.75
Introduction to Microbial World Tandel, Ritesh J & Komal Chawda 2018 Rs 590.75
Medical Microbiology Tandel, Ritesh J 2018 Rs 590.75
Micro Economics Mamanshetty, Sangappa V 2018 Rs 1100.75
Microbial Biodiversity Tandel, Ritesh J & Komal Chawda 2018 Rs 590.75
Modern Political Philosophy Verma, Ambika Prasad 2018 Rs 1100.75
Money and Financial Market Mamanshetty, Sangappa V 2018 Rs 1015.75
Objective Genetics Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Gupta, M S 2018 Rs 1015.75
Panchayati Raj and Rural Development: People Local Self Governance and Development Khosla, Raj Kumar 2018 Rs 845.75
Performance Evaluation of Special Economic Zones SEZs in India Elangovan, A & S K P Palanisamy 2018 Rs 977.50
Political Concept and Ideology Srivastava, Senhlata 2018 Rs 977.50
Political Process and Institution in Comparative Perspective Nirala, S L 2018 Rs 1083.75
Political Theory and Indian Politics Verma, Ambika Prasad 2018 Rs 1100.75
Post Colonial Discourse: A Study in Life Literature and Politics Sharma, Ram 2018 Rs 845.75
Principles of Immunology Tandel, Ritesh J & Komal Chawda 2018 Rs 590.75
Project Management: Planning and Strategy in 2 Vols Rasure, K A & Shivanand M Hungund 2018 Rs 2120.75
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