Title Author Year Price  
Ambedkar on Social Justice: Legal Political and Socio Economic Landscape Yadav, Sushma & Prakash Singh 2015 Rs 680.00
Early Social Formations 15th ed (PB) Farooqui, Amar 2015 Rs 297.50
Economic Development and Water Sustainability: Study from an Emerging Nation India Hauff, , Michael Von & Avijit Mistri 2015 Rs 637.50
Enduring Civilizational Encounter: A Study of Indo Iranian Relations Bari, Mohammad Nazrul 2015 Rs 1275.00
Human Rights: Issues and Dimensions Rani, Midatala 2016 Rs 1700.00
Inter Linkages Between Women Empowerment and Socio Economic Development Chattopadhyay, Arundhati 2015 Rs 855.10
Muslim Transformation in India Gupta, Hari Prakash 2016 Rs 1700.00
National Human Rights Commission in India and South Africa: A Comparative Analysis Kanungo, Susant Kumar 2015 Rs 1530.00
Political Economy of Slums: An Explorations of Slum Processes of India Kumar, Prem 2016 Rs 637.50
Tribal Culture in Andhra and Telangana: Tradition and Change Gandhi, Malli & V Lalitha 2016 Rs 1700.00
Window to Bhutan: A Study of Emerging New Social Patterns withUrban Educated Middle Class /working Women in Main Focus 1972-2013 Rajput, Madhu 2016 Rs 2125.00
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