Title Author Year Price  
Agricultural Land Use and Groundwater Resources Kumari, Priti 2017 Rs 637.50
Alternative Sexuality Morality and Law Gautam, Prem Kumar 2017 Rs 1020.00
Cementum and Periodontal Regeneration Divya 2017 Rs 297.50
Coils of Pakhangba: A Culture History of Meeteis Parratt, John 2017 Rs 845.75
Development Scenario of Mizoram: A Multidimensional Approach Nunchunga, J V et al 2017 Rs 1020.00
Development Studies in India Mishra, Bikram Keshari 2017 Rs 935.00
Economic Inequality and Development of North East India Nunchunga, J V et al 2017 Rs 680.00
Generation Gap: A Study of Intergenerational Sociological Conflict Prasad, Rama 1992 Rs 233.75
India`s Act East Policy through North East: Opportunities and Challenges Agarwal, Shivprakash & Omprakash K Gupta 2017 Rs 807.50
Innovations for Development and Excellence Srivastava, V N 2017 Rs 1020.00
Production and Marketing of Horticultural Crops in North East India Ozukum, Sashimatsung 2017 Rs 935.00
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