Title Author Year Price  
Academic Libraries in India; Challenges and Future Acharjya, Nantu 2018 Rs 760.75
Ancient City of Chandraketugarh Illustrated by Its Artifacts Banerjee, A 2018 Rs 510.00
Autism Chakraborty, Soumita 2018 Rs 760.75
Basics of Business Research Methods: A Textbook for BBA MBA and PGDM of MTU PTU CCS and Other Indian Universities Srivastava, Vivek & Anshul Sharma 2018 Rs 1015.75
Business Law Samnol, Anita Sharma 2018 Rs 845.75
Changing Muslim Identity in Bengal 1871-1947 Molla, Nasiruddin 2018 Rs 420.75
Constitutional Government and Democracy in India Dixit, Brijlal 2018 Rs 675.75
Consumer Behaviour in Banking Services Jena, Artta Bandhu et al 2018 Rs 722.50
Consumer Behaviour in FMCG Prospective: Evidence from Indian Context Jena, Artta Bandhu & S, Panda 2018 Rs 722.50
Corporate Disclosure in Developing Countries with Reference to India Jena, Dhirendra Kumar 2018 Rs 845.75
Customer Services in Commercial Banks of India Agarwal, Shikha 2018 Rs 552.50
Deen Dayal Upadhyay: Thoughts Revisited in Contemporary India Mishra, Shyam Kartik 2018 Rs 760.75
Development of Education System in India Mohanty, Srinibas 2018 Rs 845.75
Digital India: Emplyment Opportunities and Challenges Panwar, Mahendra 2018 Rs 722.50
Discovery of New India Mishra, Dinesh 2018 Rs 845.75
Education and Development Mishra, Satyabrata 2018 Rs 675.75
Education in Emerging Indian Society Gupta, Arun Kumar 2018 Rs 760.75
Geospatial Technology and Environmental Management Nandi, Debabrata & P C Sahu 2018 Rs 675.75
Girl Child: Care and Protection Kaushal, Priyanka 2018 Rs 722.50
Health and Development Mishra, Satyabrata 2018 Rs 675.75
History of the United States Palit, Chittabrata & J Mukherjee 2018 Rs 1015.75
Impact of Technology on Education Srinivasan, R K 2018 Rs 722.50
India: A Global Power Kaushal, Priyanka 2018 Rs 722.50
Labour Management Relations Scenario in Public Sector Mishra, Satyabrata 2018 Rs 760.75
Make in India: Flagship Programme of Indian Government Sikka, P 2018 Rs 675.75
Make in India: Opportunities and Challenges Panwar, Mahendra 2018 Rs 722.50
Make in Rural India Through Skill Development Samal, Arun Kumar 2018 Rs 845.75
Malnutrition Malhotra, Savita 2018 Rs 675.75
Mapping Administrative Theory: Problems and Prospects Roy, Arindam 2018 Rs 760.75
Mapping Economic History of Colonial Odisha Nayak, Ganeswar 2018 Rs 845.75
Maritime History of Orisha: A Primer Panda, Pradeep Kumar & A N Mishra 2018 Rs 467.50
Medical Tourism in India: Opportunities and Challenges Sadhu, Manatosh & T K Pany 2018 Rs 1190.00
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