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Agricultural Microbiology Bhatnagar, Abhisekh 2018 Rs 1015.75
Agriculture and Food Security: Emerging Issues and Perspectives Bihari, Gagan & Prashant Chandra 2017 Rs 807.50
Combating Natural Disaster Tripathy, Rajendra Prasad 2017 Rs 505.75
Demonetisation and Post Demonetisation Economy Impact Dash, Gyanindra et al 2017 Rs 930.75
India and New World Order Panda, Prashanta Chandra & Rasananda Panda 2017 Rs 1015.75
International Relation and Foreign Policy Chandra, M 2018 Rs 849.15
Solar Water Heaters in India: Problema and Prospects Varma, V S K 2017 Rs 845.75
Tribal Education: Issues and Challenges Pradhan, Jyoti Sankar 2017 Rs 590.75
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