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Title Author Year Price  
Ayurveda at The Turning Point Katiyar, Chandra Kant & C P Khare 2018 P 68.00
Commercial Ornamental Crops: Cut Flowers Misra, R L & Sanyat Misra 2017 P 102.00
Genesis and Evolution of Horticultural Crops Vol 1 Peter, K V ed 2017 P 68.00
Home Gardening Chadha, M L et al 2017 P 59.50
Introduction to Plant Breeding Njoka, Fredrick M 2018 P 42.50
Natural Medicines: An Encyclopaedis of Complementary Healing Arts and Sciences Kundu, Debasish & Malik A K Awan 2017 P 76.50
Psychoactive Plants: Ethical Issues and Basic Evaluations Fajemiroye, James O 2017 P 59.50
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