Title Author Year Price  
Advanced Dairy Chemistry Vol 1: Proteins in 2 Vols 3rd edn Fox, P F & P L H McSweeney ed 2003 EUR 70.71
Advances in Chemical Signals in Vertebrates Johnston, Robert E et al eds 1999 EUR 202.44
Advances in Microbial Ecology Vol 16 Schink, Bernhard ed 2000 EUR 157.21
Animal Cognition and Sequential Behaviour: Behavioural Biological and Computational Perspectives Fountain, Stephen B et al eds 2002 EUR 127.46
Anthropoid Origins: New Visions Ross, Callum R & Richard F Kay 2004 EUR 70.68
Archaeologist`s Manual for Conservation: A Guide to Non Toxic Minimal Intervention Artifact Stabilization Rodgers, Bradley A 2004 EUR 76.49
Biochemistry and Genetics of Recq Helicases with CD Lombard, David B 2001 EUR 123.21
Biocontrol Potential and its Exploitation in Sustainable Agriculture Vol 2: Insect Pests Upadhyay, R K et al eds 2001 EUR 254.15
Biodiversity: Biomolecular Aspects of Biodiversity and Innovative Utilization Sener, Bilge ed 2002 EUR 127.46
Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements in Coal and Coal Combustion Byproducts Sajwan, Kenneth S et al eds 1999 EUR 203.15
Biology of Early Influences Hyson, Richard L & Frank Johnson eds 1999 EUR 132.56
Comparative Vertebrate Cognition: Are Primates Superior to Non Primates Rogers, Lesley J & Gisela Kaplan 2004 EUR 202.44
Ecology of Shallow Lakes Scheffer, Marten 2004 EUR 48.41
Emulsification and Polymerization of Alkyd Resins Gooch, Jan W 2002 EUR 84.96
Evolutionary Algorithms and Agricultural Systems Mayer, David G 2002 EUR 203.15
Evolutionary Biology Vol 31 Hecht, Max K et al eds 2000 EUR 157.24
Frontiers of Cellular Bioenergetics: Molecular Biology Biochemistry and Physiopathology Papa, Sergio et al eds 1999 EUR 177.65
Functional and Morphological Imaging of the Endocrine System Herder, Wouter W de ed 2000 EUR 157.21
Genetic Immunization Bona, Constantin A & Adrian Bot 2000 EUR 76.46
Glycomicrobiology Doyle, Ron J ed 2000 EUR 177.65
Health Effects of Tea and Its Catechins Kuroda, Yukiaki & Yukihiko Hara 2004 EUR 88.39
Immunotoxicology and Risk Assessment Flaherty, Dennis K 1999 EUR 118.96
Intrazooplankton Predation Dumont, H J et al eds 1990 EUR 194.65
Introduction to Biometry Jolicoeur, Pierre 1999 EUR 97.71
Landscapes of Power Landscapes of Conflict: State Formation in the South Scandinavian Iron Age Thurston, Tina L 2001 EUR 176.79
Legacy of Tethys: An Aquatic Biogeography of the Levant Por, Francis D 1989 P 96.01
Molecular Biology and Physiology of Water and Solute Transport Hohmann, Stefan & Sore Nielsen eds 2000 EUR 110.46
Molecular Genetics of Cardiac Electrophysiology Berul, Charles I & Jeffrey A Towbin eds 2000 EUR 194.65
Neural Regulation in the Vertebrate Endocrine System: Neuroendocrine Regulation Rao, P D Prasada & Richard E Peter eds 1999 EUR 110.46
North Sea Climate: Based on Observations from Ships and Lightvessels Korevaar, C G 1990 P 59.08
Physicochemical Groundwater Remediation Smith, James A & Susan E Burns eds 2001 EUR 106.21
Primates in Fragments: Ecology and Conservation Marsh, Laura K ed 2003 EUR 131.71
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