Title Author Year Price  
Earthworm Vermiculture and Vermi Composting (PB) Bhatnagar, R K & R K Palta 2016 Rs 119.00
Essentials of Plant Breeding (PB) Singh, Phundan 2016 Rs 297.50
Farm Management and Agricultural Marketing 2nd edn Panda, S C 2013 Rs 276.25
Genetics at a Glance (PB) Singh, Phundan 2011 Rs 276.25
Guide to Agriculture Competitions: ICAR JRF SRF NET ARS RAS Banks and Others Board of Experienced Teachers 2012 Rs 382.50
Handbook of Agricultural Sciences Singh, S S 2016 Rs 420.75
Handbook of Genetic Engineering Roy, Utpal & Vishal Saxena 2007 Rs 212.50
Horticulture at a Glance Singh, Bijendra 2014 Rs 276.25
Indira Competition Explorer for Agriculture Competitive Examination Arya, R L et al 2012 Rs 505.75
Insects: Structure Function and Biodiversity Ambrose, Dunston P 2015 Rs 467.50
Introduction to Soil and Water Conservation Engineering: Surveying Irrigation Drainage and Soil Conservation (PB) Mal, Bimal Chandra 2017 Rs 382.50
Introductory Plant Pathology (PB) Tripathi, D P 2016 Rs 250.75
Livestock Production Management (PB) Sastry, N S R & C K Thomas 2016 Rs 488.75
Manual on Rice Breeding (PB) Nanda, J S 1997 Rs 106.25
Modern Approach to Biology Vol 2 (PB) Bhattacharyya, R N et al eds 0 Rs 55.25
Objective Floriculture (PB) Singh, Arvinder & Nomita Laishram eds 2016 Rs 165.75
Objective Genetics Prasad, B K & B D Singh 2016 Rs 233.75
Objective Genetics and Plant Breeding (PB) Singh, Phundan 2017 Rs 276.25
Plant Breeding: Principles and Methods (PB) Singh, B D 2016 Rs 382.50
Plant Pathology at a Glance (PB) Bhattacharyya, Utpal Kumar 2017 Rs 212.50
Plant Pathology: A Competitive Vision (PB) Main, Satvinder Kaur et al 2016 Rs 276.25
Practical and Numerical Problems in Plant Breeding Singh, Phundan 2013 Rs 191.25
Principles and Practices of Dryland Agriculture Revised and Enlarged edn (PB) Govindan, K & V Thirumurugan 2012 Rs 191.25
Principles of Seed Technology (PB) Singh, Phundan 2016 Rs 165.75
Propagation of Horticultural Crops: Principles and Practices (PB) Sharma, R R 2016 Rs 276.25
Soil: At a Glance (PB) Sahai, V N 2017 Rs 212.50
Textbook of Agribusiness Management Broadway, A C & Arif A Broadway 2014 Rs 276.25
Textbook of Agricultural Extension with Global Innovations (PB) Mondal, Sagar et al 2016 Rs 191.25
Textbook of Animal Husbandry Kaushish, S K 2010 Rs 335.75
Textbook of Applied Entomology Vol 2: Insects of Economic Importance (PB) Srivastava, K P & G S Dhaliwal 2017 Rs 276.25
Textbook on Rural Development Entrepreneurship and Communication Skills (PB) Mondal, Sagar et al 2012 Rs 250.75
Vegetable Seed Production and Hybrid Technology (PB) Hazra, P & M G Som 2016 Rs 335.75
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