Title Author Year Price  
Biotechnology: Expanding Horizons (PB) Singh, B D 2019 Rs 420.75
Extension Communication and Management (PB) Ray, G L 2017 Rs 297.50
Floriculture at a Glance (PB) Raj, Desh 2016 Rs 276.25
Fundamentals of Horticulture (PB) Singh, Jitendra 2018 Rs 212.50
Handbook of Genetic Engineering Roy, Utpal & Vishal Saxena 2007 Rs 212.50
Landscape Designing and Ornamentsl Plants (PB) Grewal, H S & Parminder Singh 2016 Rs 467.50
Livestock Production Management (PB) Sastry, N S R & C K Thomas 2016 Rs 488.75
Modern Approach to Biology Vol 2 (PB) Bhattacharyya, R N et al 2000 Rs 55.25
Objective Plant Breeding (PB) Singh, B D & B K Prasad 2016 Rs 323.00
Plant Breeding: Principles and Methods (PB) Singh, B D 2018 Rs 403.75
Practical and Numerical Problems in Plant Breeding (PB) Singh, Phundan 2013 Rs 191.25
Textbook of Animal Breeding (PB) Tomar, S S 2016 Rs 233.75
Textbook of Animal Husbandry Kaushish, S K 2010 Rs 335.75
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