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Advances in Livestock Production and Management Kumar, Sunil et al 2014 Rs 2970.75
Agribusiness and Finance Management Verma, Praveen Kumar & K N S Banafar 2013 Rs 1865.75
Agribusiness: Concepts and Current Challenges Barik, B P & Y D Nayak 2018 Rs 2800.75
Agriculture Extension Digest Padma, S R & T Rathakrishnan 2015 Rs 2460.75
All About Agronomy Ramesh, Kulasekaran 2015 Rs 760.75
Antioxidant Properties of Vegetable Crops Singh, Saurabh et al 2018 Rs 3310.75
Basic Antimicrobial Therapy in Animals Shrivastav, Arpita & Neeraj Shrivastav 2018 Rs 2120.75
Biocontrol of Soil Borne Pathogens and Nematodes Nakkeeran, S et al 2018 Rs 2120.75
Botany of Vegetable Crops: Textbook Kumar, A Ramesh et al 2014 Rs 2460.75
Breeding of Spice and Plantation Crops Ramachandra, R K et al 2016 Rs 2120.75
Cell and Plant Physiology Chand, Gurdev & Brajeshwar Singh 2019 Rs 2120.75
Commercial Floriculture Syamal, M M 2014 Rs 2460.75
Competitive Biochemistry (PB) Gupta, Om Prakash 2014 Rs 505.75
Competitive Book on Soil Science for SAUs Entrance JRF SRF NET and ARS (PB) Sathyanarayana, Eetela & Sandeep S Hadole 2017 Rs 505.75
Competitive Fruit Science: Objective (PB) Kumbar, Shivaningapp et al 2016 Rs 361.25
Diagnosis and Control of Parasitic Diseases of Veterinary and Medical Importance in 2 Vols Javaregowda, A K 2018 Rs 5945.75
Elementary Plant Biochemistry for Horticulture Sarangi, Chittaranjan 2018 Rs 2120.75
Entrepreneurs Guide to Milk Producers Raziuddin, Mhd & Mhd Abdur Rahman 2018 Rs 1610.75
Environmental Chemistry Tripathi, Rekha 2019 Rs 2460.75
Essentials of Canine Cardiovasacular Medicine Rao, V V 2018 Rs 3055.75
Experiments in Plant Physiology Biochemistry and Ecology Inam, Akhtar et al 2016 Rs 2800.75
Fodder Production Conservation and Evaluation for Livestock Production Pathak, N & H C Singh 2019 Rs 1950.75
Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics Verma, Praveen Kumar & Santosh Kumar Nag 2019 Rs 3140.75
Fundamentals of Agriculture Engineering (PB) Kale, M U & M S Supe 2018 Rs 531.25
Fundamentals of Agronomy (PB) Sharma, Neetu et al 2018 Rs 361.25
Genetic Resources of Fruit Crops R K, Ramachandra et al 2019 Rs 2800.75
Guide on Protected and Open Field Cut Flower Cultivation Jawaharlal, M et al 2016 Rs 3310.75
Handbook of Equine Practioner Dedar, R K et al 2018 Rs 2800.75
Handbook on Mango Insect Pests Diseases Identification and Management Manisegaran, S & S Mohan 2014 Rs 1355.75
Handy Guide to Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: For Competitive Examinations such as ICAR ARS Net JRF SRF and Entrance Examinations of Different Universities Smitha, G R & A A Waman 2015 Rs 2715.75
Insight into Soil and Plant Analysis Abrol, Vikas et al 2019 Rs 2460.75
Instant GPB Notes for Horticulture JRF Ramachandra, R K et al 2018 Rs 2120.75
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