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Title Author Year Price  
A to Z Agriculture Knowledge Part 1 Vol 1: Frequently Askes Questions Salaria, A S et al 0 Rs 420.75
A to Z Agriculture Knowledge Part 2 Vol 2: Most Suggested Questions Salaria, A S 0 Rs 420.75
A to Z Horticulture at a Glance Vol 3: Floriculture Landscaping Gardening Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Salaria, R S & B S Salaria 2011 Rs 403.75
ABC of Organic Farming (PB) Rakshit, Amitabha, Singh, H B 2015 Rs 127.50
Agricultural Engineering Question Bank BSKKV 2015 Rs 250.75
Agricultural Processing and Food Technology (Objective Type) 2nd edn Chandra, Suresh ¬†et al 2015 Rs 191.25
Agriculture Made Easy for Competitive Examinations UPSC State PSC ASRB ICAR NET and Bank Exams 6th edn Sasikumar, K & V Saravankumar 2015 Rs 297.50
Agriculture Question Bank with Answers Pal, Mahendra 0 Rs 276.25
Capsule on General Agriculture (PB) Ahmed, Afjal et al 2014 Rs 165.75
Competition Book For Food Safety Officer (PB) Kumari, Durvesh et al 2015 Rs 212.50
General Agriculture for ICAR Examinations JRF SRF and ARS 24th edn (PB) Rathore, Muniraj Singh 2012 Rs 102.00
General Agriculture for Postgraduate Entrance Exam Test PET BHU and other Competitive Examinations like ICAR JRF SRF etc (PB) Elangovan, A et al 2016 Rs 127.50
General Studies for ARS and Other Competitive Examinations 12th edn Rao, Ramana 2014 Rs 127.50
Indian Forestry: A Breakthrough Approach to Forest Service 2nd Revised edn (PB) Manikandan, K & S Prabhu 2013 Rs 335.75
Instant Agriculture Gupta, S N 0 Rs 127.50
Instant Horticulture 12th edn (PB) Gupta, S N 2015 Rs 212.50
Instant Objective Horticulture Vol 1: Fruits and Plantation Crops (PB) Salaria, R S & B S Salaria 2013 Rs 297.50
Introduction to Agriculture (PB) Vyas, A K & Rishi Raj 2014 Rs 335.75
Objective Genetics: Basic to Molecular (PB) Kumar, Jaydev 2016 Rs 165.75
Objective Type Questions Bank on Food Process Engineering and Technology (PB) Ansari, Irfan Ahmad 2013 Rs 212.50
Principles of Agricultural Engineering Vol 1 8th ed Ojha, T P & A M Michael 2016 Rs 552.50
Principles of Agricultural Engineering Vol 2 4th Revised and Enlarged edn Ojha, T P & A M Michael 2015 Rs 552.50
Principles of Drip Irrigation System (PB) Mane, M S et al 2014 Rs 127.50
Principles of Sprinkler Irrigation 2nd edn Mane, M S & B L Ayare 2007 Rs 148.75
Question Bank of Horticulture: Exclusively for JRF, SRF, ARS & Other Competitive Examination 5th Revised and Enlarged edn Gupta, Satyanarayan 2015 Rs 165.75
Question Bank on Agricultural and Food Engineering Garg, Mukesh K & Pritam Chandra 2005 Rs 191.25
Question Bank on Agricultural Engineering (PB) Rawat, Sheh Nath 2015 Rs 199.75
Solved Numerical Problems in Food Process Engineeing and Technology (PB) Ansari, Irfan Ahmad 2015 Rs 297.50
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