Title Author Year Price  
Air Pollution Maanvizhi, O 2012 Rs 760.75
Animal Biotechnology: Recent Concepts and Developments (PB) Ramadass, P 2017 Rs 675.75
Applied Entomology: An Introductory Textbook of Insects in their Relation to Man Fernald, H T & Harold H Shepard 2008 Rs 1020.00
Biochemistry (PB) Veerakumari, L 2004 Rs 233.75
Biology: Investigating Life on Earth 2nd edn Avila, Vernon L 1995 $ 78.16
Cell Gadi, B R 2011 Rs 1020.00
Cells Lewin, Benjamin et al eds 2007 $ 286.41
Essential Genetics 2nd edn Hartl, Daniel L & Elizabeth W Jones 1999 Rs 1270.75
Fishes of India in 2 Vols Francis, Day 2012 Rs 8075.00
Flora of the Presidency of Madras in 3 Vols Gamble, J S 2013 Rs 1275.00
Fundamentals of Microbiology 10th edn (PB) Pommerville, Jeffrey C 2014 Rs 2375.75
Genes XI Krebs, Jocelyn E et al 2013 Rs 2460.75
Growing Mushrooms Garg, Parveen 2018 Rs 590.75
Handbook of Medical Entomology Riley, WM A & O A Johannsen 2018 Rs 1530.00
Horticulture Sheela 0 Rs 297.50
Introduction to Biostatistics 2nd Revised edn Gurumani, N 2010 Rs 272.00
Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of India Alagesaboopathi, C 2018 Rs 1275.00
Molecular Biology: Genes to Proteins 4th edn (PB) Tropp, Burton E 2012 Rs 1610.75
Mushroom Culture: Its Extension and Improvement Robinson, W 2018 Rs 590.75
Natural Resources and their Conservation Paliwal, A K 2011 Rs 1020.00
Organic Chemistry 2nd edn Fox, Marye Anne & James K Whitesell 1997 Rs 1275.00
Plant Biotechnology: In Vitro Principles Techniques and Applications Shekhawat, Mahipal Singh & Vikrant 2014 Rs 2125.00
Plants Genes and Agriculture Chrispeels, Maarten J & D E Sadava eds 1994 $ 66.26
Research Methodology for Biological Sciences (PB) Guruamni, N 2017 Rs 675.75
Research Methodology for Engineers Ganesan, R 2011 Rs 590.75
Seed Preservation and Longevity Barton, Lela V 2018 Rs 1525.75
Semen of Animals and Its Use for Artificial Insemination (PB) Anderson, James 2018 Rs 233.75
Soil and Plant Analysis: A Laboratory Manual of Methods for the Examination of Soils and the Determination of the Inorganic Constituents of Plants Piper, C S 2019 Rs 1572.50
Temple Entry Movement in Tamil Nadu Pillai, S Subramania 2017 Rs 1355.75
Theoretical Spectroscopy Mohan, S 2018 Rs 1355.75
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