Title Author Year Price  
Basics in Education Research O M, Kshirsagar 2019 Rs 1355.75
Critical History of English Literature Jha, Balchandra 2019 Rs 1355.75
Dr Ambedkar Life and Works Joshi, Nirmal 2018 Rs 1440.75
Dr B R Ambedkar and Caste Politics in India Salawade, S N 2018 Rs 1270.75
Dr B R Ambedkar and Fight Against Untouchability Chauhan, Rajesh 2018 Rs 1525.75
Dr B R Ambedkar and Indian Constitution Joshi, Nirmal 2018 Rs 1440.75
Dr B R Ambedkar Economic Philosophy Mahto, Mahendra 2018 Rs 1355.75
Dr B R Ambedkar On Law Social Justice Joshi, Motilal 2018 Rs 1440.75
Gandhi Ambedkar and Indian Dalit Das, Narayan 2019 Rs 1402.50
Instruction Methodology in Education O M, Kshirsagar 2019 Rs 1355.75
Manav Sansadhan Vikas ke Naye Aayam: Bharatiya Pariprekshay (New Dimensions of Human Resource Development: Indian Context) (Hindi) Uddhin, Mohsin 2018 Rs 845.75
Methodology of Social Research Prakash, Ved 2019 Rs 1525.75
Modern Sociological Problems in India Khan, Ahmed 2019 Rs 1270.75
Practical Mass Media Sharma, Satish 2019 Rs 1440.75
Psychology and Social Work Dubey, Shiv Suman 2019 Rs 1355.75
Social and Cultural History of India Saxena, A K 2019 Rs 1525.75
Social and Political Thoughts of Dr B R Ambedkar Mahto, Mahendra 2018 Rs 1355.75
Social Group and Social Case Work: Theory and Practice Mujawar, Wasiyoddin R 2019 Rs 1440.75
Social Stratification and Inequality Eqbal, Afroze 2019 Rs 1440.75
Technical Report Writing saxena, Neelam 2019 Rs 1355.75
Theory and Practice of Rural Marketing Kumar, Vijay 2019 Rs 1440.75
Trends in Digital Resources in Research Dongare, Sudesh N 2018 Rs 1440.75
Tribal Welfare and Environemental Development Sharma, Nageshwar 2019 Rs 1440.75
Women and Children Welfare Deogaonkar, S G 2019 Rs 1402.50
Womens Development and Empowerment Deogaonkar, S G 2019 Rs 1440.75
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